Cleavage as the Great Divide

I’m a huge fan of cleavage, if for no other reason than it’s proof positive that women’s breasts are powerful. They’re used to sell everything from beer to bras, and they never, ever lose their appeal. Everyone loves boobs, no matter their age, race, or sexual orientation. Cleavage is so attractive that it’s hard to […]

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Handful Sports Bra: Respecting the Shape of Active Women

Ever heard the phrase “more than a handful is a waste?” It’s a backhanded compliment; directed at smaller breasted women at the expense of someone who might be a wee bit bigger busted. Never mind that size is relative and boob beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Residing somewhere further up the alphabet […]

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Mammoirs: Baring Your Breasts Without Losing Your Shirt

I didn’t write my first “mammoir” until I was nearly 50 years old. I had signed up for an evening non-fiction writing course at a local community center. On the first night, the instructor asked us to briefly introduce ourselves and tell the group why we were taking the class. To be honest, I had […]

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Valentine's Day Lingerie Gift Guidance

Who gives you the gift of lingerie? Maybe your sweetheart knows your exact size and personal style. Or your partner is thoughtful and generous in every other way, but clueless when it comes to picking out pretty under things. Should you count on someone else to purchase your intimate apparel? Given all my breast knowledge and education, […]

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Need a Post-Baby Breast Lift? Victoria's Secret Push-Up Bra Product Review

Do your post-baby breasts look a tad bit deflated? Could the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra be your answer? VS officials want you to know why their most recent fashion show was such a big hit with audiences. No, it wasn’t the starvation diets their models followed before they walked down the runway; those media reports now […]

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