About Elisabeth Dale

Elisabeth Dale is an internationally recognized breast expert and author, and the founder of TheBreastLife.com.

She has appeared on Good Morning AmericaThe Tyra Banks ShowBBC World NewsNPR, and been featured in The New York TimesCosmoGlamourMen’s Health, and the Sunday London Times. She's also been a regular contributor to The Huffington Post

Until she wrote about her pair, Dale didn't know much about breasts. Since breastfeeding three children, she knew hers weren't the same as when they appeared in puberty. And as the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, Dale's future breast health was also a concern.

But she had never reflected on all the ways her breasts had changed and shaped her emotional life. Not until she took a creative writing class. There, Dale wrote a short story about losing weight and having a surgical breast lift. She shared this “mammoir” with classmates and friends. As a result, it was evident that many others wanted answers to their breast questions. It inspired Dale to write her first book bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls, which was named one of The Library Journal's 2007 Best Consumer Health Books.

About Elisabeth Dale

Elisabeth Dale by Mikel Healey Photography | Robe: Harlow & Fox

After the book’s publication, Dale's life changed in ways she could never have imagined. She became a much sought-after speaker and educator, offering her unique approach to the topic of breasts. Her expertise extended to writing for lingerie industry and media outlets. In 2011, she relocated from Seattle to Los Angeles. Finally, she rebranded her original 2006 website as The Breast Life to offer readers even greater insight on the subject.

Elisabeth Dale's second book, The Bra Zone: How to Find Your Ideal Size, Style, and Support (2016), debunks common myths around bra shopping and sizing. It gives readers practical advice on how to locate and buy the best bras for their body, whatever their size or lifestyle. Whether you're looking for the best first bra, nursing, sports, or post-mastectomy styles, The Bra Zone has you covered.

Dale makes The Breast Life a safe place for readers of all backgrounds and identities to share information and explore trends in lingerie. Her contributing writers offer perspectives from a range of ages and sizes. Most of all, her goal is for everyone to love and embrace their bodies at every phase of life.

Elisabeth Dale currently lives in Los Angeles, which inspires her to keep writing and stay out of her comfort zone. And it's why you'll also find her doing storytelling and stand-up comedy in clubs in and around LA.

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