Handful Sports Bra: Respecting the Shape of Active Women

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Ever heard the phrase “more than a handful is a waste?” It’s a backhanded compliment; directed at smaller breasted women at the expense of someone who might be a wee bit bigger busted.

Never mind that size is relative and boob beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Residing somewhere further up the alphabet cup, this expression makes me uncomfortable. All of a sudden my breast assets become “less than” because they are “more than” a handful. (Heck, they're still more than what the average bra can handle.)

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Thankfully, one woman has set out to redefine the word “handful” when it comes to supportive boob beauty and the need to wear sports bras. Jennifer Ferguson, a lifelong sportswoman, couldn't find a product that fulfilled her own smaller busted athletic demands. So she literally took matters into her own hands and produced a sports bra that is flexible, functional and stylish. The Handful sports bra motto? “You're active, you're versatile, you're one of a kind - you're a handful.” The bra is designed to accommodate the changing shapes of athletic women.

While the Handful sports bra was created for those with smaller breasts, it does double—and even triple---duty by meeting the needs of women who face the added challenge of breast asymmetry; be it from breast cancer surgery or through nature. Each bra comes with a set of color-coordinated removable pads that allow the wearer to balance her breast shape. It's one of a few approved mastectomy sports bras (which means insurance covers the cost), as it also accommodates breast forms. The easy, step-in design suits those with range of motion issues. Women can adjust the pads for greater coverage following a lumpectomy or during the breast reconstruction process, when expanders shift breast size. Or you can opt to add the pads when you need a little extra nipple control at the gym.

The Handful sports bra is available in sizes from X-small to Large; fitting band sizes 32-38 and cups from A to C+. Priced at $40 and under, you can purchase it directly from their website or at athletic stores. It's also super useful that the bra is packaged in it’s own mesh laundry bag. The Handful---minus padding, of course---even fits my Ds as a comfy, cute leisure bra or a fashionable layering piece. The Handful sports bra is just like me, able to adapt to the evolving nature of my breast life. Hooray for being a handful!

What do you think of sports bra? Would you wear the Handful sports bra?

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