Valentine's Day Lingerie Gift Guidance

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Who gives you the gift of lingerie?

Maybe your sweetheart knows your exact size and personal style. Or your partner is thoughtful and generous in every other way, but clueless when it comes to picking out pretty under things. Should you count on someone else to purchase your intimate apparel?

Given all my breast knowledge and education, one would think I'd put more energy into selecting this part of my wardrobe. I wouldn't walk out the door without making sure I’m semi-fashionably put together. But I am guilty of wearing a ratty old bra or mismatched panties underneath it all. Maybe I’ve been over-exposed to lingerie ads directed at men, conditioning me to think that it doesn’t matter unless I plan to put it on display. How ironic that Valentine’s Day offers up a multitude of guides for guys on the art of choosing lingerie. If I’m not willing to invest the same time and effort in myself, why should he?

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Valentine's Day is my annual reminder to pay more attention to how I look at myself, whatever my relationship status. It's also a great time to  embrace some lace---or underwire—given all the holiday sale promotions. I refresh my basic foundations, invest in a new sports bra, or splurge on the latest trendy or flirty fashions. Here are five on-line deals you may want to check out:

1. Bare Necessities -- 40% off bras and 20% off shapewear

2. Bigger Bras -- 15% off your order

3. Cosabella -- gift guide, flirty babydolls, and basic thongs and panties

4, Journelle -- chance to win $1000 lingerie wardrobe

5. Hips & Curves -- panties, garters, and sexy gifts

And don’t worry if you’ve waited until the last minute to show yourself some love. It’s never too late to celebrate your breast life!

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