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goddess worship

Breast Obsessed: Symbols of Goddess Worship

It’s easy to think modern society is the source of all our breast obsessions, whether it’s a media emphasis on everyday cleavage or sexualized images of women’s bodies. But tens of thousands of years ago, breasts were also the center of attention. Goddess worship was common because the female body and breasts symbolized fertility, birth, and nourishment. Think about it: a woman […]

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Hips & Curves Corset

Holiday Lingerie Gift Guide: $50 and Under

Thinking of slipping a little something sexy under the tree this Christmas? You can’t go wrong with the gift of pretty lingerie! From daring bras to cheeky panties, we’ve created a holiday lingerie gift guide with 15 unique items that are sure to wow. All for $50 or less, proving you don’t need to spend […]

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bra fit problems

Bra Fit Problems? Get to Know Your Bra Zone Not “Right” Size

Got bra fit problems? It’s not your fault. Sure, women’s breasts are constantly changing and moving around on our chests. So it’s easy to blame ourselves when a bra doesn’t fit right. But let’s not forget how bras are made, sized, and sold. Turns out we may wear more than one size, depending on the make and model. […]

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