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"This book covers every aspect of the bra market... It has actually enlightened me on a few facts. It's one of those rare literary combinations; an easy read chock full of valuable information."

— Ellen Lewis, LingerieBriefs

"Required reading for anyone who makes (or wears) clothes. Being informed about your foundations makes any look work for you!"

— Mallory Donohue, Zede's Sewing Studio

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best post pregnancy bras

The Best Post Pregnancy Bras: Six Lingerie Shopping Tips

Do your bras no longer fit after childbirth and breastfeeding? Nothing alters the body’s landscape more than having a baby. And as a result, you may be looking for the best post pregnancy bras for new, post-baby boobs. Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding doesn’t cause the most common postpartum complaint: saggy boobs (known as ptosis). Plus, surveys […]

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AnaOno Recovery Wear

AnaOno Recovery Wear: Clothing for Post-Mastectomy Lives

I’ve got news today about one of my favorite lingerie brands, AnaOno Intimates. I was lucky enough to attend their last photoshoot in Los Angeles. And I also got a chance to take behind-the-scenes pics and meet a few of their models. I’m a big fan of this post-mastectomy lingerie line because of their innovative styles. Their […]

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The One Back to School Supply Every Girl Needs

The Rio 2016 Olympics are in full swing, so you can’t blame most parents for ignoring any back to school supply shopping. The drama of the games is addictive because it’s exciting to watch athletes from all over the world competing with one another. These strong, determined, and talented men and women are breaking records in […]

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