Wedding Day Bra Drama

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

As the fashion world awaits news of Kate Middleton’s choice of wedding gown, I’m curious to know what she'll be wearing underneath it all.

My own wedding day had its share of boob challenges when I put on a strapless blunder that didn’t perform well under pressure. My hands were busy tugging and pulling at my bra, instead of greeting guests. Thankfully, today’s lingerie designers have more support to offer than ever before.

If your big day is coming up, consider building your bridal wardrobe from the inside out. First find a bra that flatters your figure and then try on a gazillion gowns. You expect your dress to be tailored to your specific body measurements, so why not demand the same of your lingerie? Visit my Specialty Lingerie page and discover the wide variety of styles that flatter any size.

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Those on the petite end of the body-type spectrum can turn to The Itty Bitty Bra Company to meet their breast needs. This lightly padded strapless was featured in Brides Magazine as a “best strapless designed for small busts.” Our skeptical AA bra tester had this to say about her Itty Bitty experience:

"It stays up and it doesn't leave any marks when I take it off. The band is just right size wise, not too small. The cup, though the slightest bit big, still works because the bra keeps shape and actually flatters my shape. I ended up really liking it and would recommend it to small-breasted women in a heartbeat."

Buy yourself a worry-free wedding day with this Breast Life Seal of Approval Winner and live happily-ever-after!

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