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The Breast Life™ is brought to you by breast expert and author, Elisabeth Dale. It’s a unique community focused on the topic of breasts. There’s plenty of misinformation on how to care for our breasts, whether it’s in confusing bra sizing standards or guidelines on breast cancer detection. You’ll always get the facts on these issues, and more, at The Breast Life™.

There’s a wealth of knowledge and expertise available on the subject. Plus there’s practical information like bra wear and care info, product reviews, and news on the latest evidence-based studies. Our goal is to help every person embrace and understand their individual breast life.

Shop The Bra Zone, where you’ll find a curated selection of bras and other lingerie sold by various brands and websites. We do the research and only feature highly reviewed pieces. Plus we compile options for all ages, sizes, and lifestyles. Can’t find a strapless bra in your cup size? We give you lots of options. Need a supportive sports bra? We’ll let you know which are best for the physical activity you have in mind. A rotating selection features bras for everyday wear, small or full bust, maternity/nursing, post-surgical, and even special occasion lingerie.

Learn about the latest fashion trends and current health issues at The Breast Life Blog. Articles cover everything from how to buy your daughter her first bra, where and how to shop for intimate apparel, to changes to expect. You’ll  learn about new brands, get a sneak peek at new designs, and discover the best styles for your breast shape and size.

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