Emma Harris Lingerie: Timeless Modern Elegance

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

I've introduced readers to quite a few indie UK luxury lingerie brands in the past couple of years. Luxury lingerie is much like fine art; brands may use quality silks, laces, and other materials, but each designer has a unique signature and style. That is the case with Emma Harris Lingerie, whose motto is "lingerie to cherish."

Emma Harris Lingerie's rich jeweled toned pieces first caught my eye on Instagram. And their take on the often overdone strappy lingerie trend is beautifully executed. They also offer a range of bras, including padded plunge, half-padded plunge, and balcony, along with varying styles of matching knickers. And on their website, you'll find bra sets, slips, bodysuits, babydolls, sleepwear and a bridal range. Emma Harris also takes bespoke orders, so you'll get the exact fit you need, whatever your size.

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Here's a look at a few pieces from Emma Harris Lingerie's AW2017 collections. Learn more about the brand in our interview below.

How long has Emma Harris been in business and what was the impetus for launch:

Claire Emma Harris founded the womenswear label Emma Harris brand in 2008, after studying fashion technology at Nottingham University and then working for six years as a design director. She later established our atelier in order to take on other brands’ apparel production (2011). Working mostly with lingerie brands and influenced by what was happening in the studio, Claire fell in love with the complexity of pattern cutting and bra construction (she likes to technically push herself), and the label was relaunched in 2013 as Emma Harris Lingerie, focusing solely on the intimate apparel.

Emma Harris Lingerie

Signature Navy Balcony Bra

Signature Navy Slip

What makes Emma Harris Lingerie different or unique in the lingerie or intimate apparel market? What’s the niche you are trying to fill?

All our garments are solely produced in-house: from design to manufacturing via sample production and pattern cutting (we are one of the few places in the UK that can offer this full service). Our highly skilled machinists are trained in-house and we are dedicated to reintroducing artisan sewing techniques to the luxury lingerie market: our designs feature French seams, pin hems, and delicate topstitching. We do not carry any stock; retail purchases are all made to order, so our customers can choose, say, a different colour from the one shown on the site, gold or silver toned hardware etc. (at no extra cost unless a pattern change is needed).

Emma Harris Lingerie

Tamara Black Balcony Bra

Tamara Black Plunge Bra and Long Robe
Emma Harris Lingerie
Tamara Long Robe

Who do you see as your ideal customer?

She appreciates good quality & craftsmanship, as well as luxury fabrics and well-fitting designs in inspirational shapes. She has the confidence to explore new styles, and also to purchase new colourways every season in styles she knows fit well and can fall back on.

Emma Harris Lingerie

Tiffany Praline Cami and Flared Shorts
Emma Harris Lingerie
Tiffany Praline Soft Bra, Suspender, and Thong

What’s been your most significant business challenge in establishing your brand (other than raising funds to launch)?

Staff! Building a highly skilled team is very tricky because the skill set is leaving the industry: there aren’t many machinists left. In our area (Derbyshire, England), most machinists are skilled in upholstery rather than fine and delicate work, and therefore need a certain amount of retraining.

Emma Harris Lingerie

Tiffany Plunge Bra & Briefs

Tiffany Praline Slip

Is there anything you find frustrating about the lingerie industry of which consumers have no clue?

Ensuring you have all your components on time and at the same time can be frustrating. There are so many different components used in lingerie, all coming from different suppliers. So for example, if you have your silk on time but not your elastic, you’re stuck and there’s nothing you can do!

Emma Harris Lingerie
 Tiffany Praline Plunge Bra

Where do you want the brand to be in the next ten years?

Our foundations are very strong: good fit and fabrics with lots of design detail injected in the styling and pattern cutting, so it would be nice to see our lines in department stores and around the world!

Emma Harris Lingerie

Signature Half Padded Plunge and Skinny Briefs

What is the one thing you want customers to know about Emma Harris Lingerie?

Just how much work goes into each collection. Every piece is carefully designed and produced. For instance, we won’t just cut a piece of elastic strap to create a strappy design---the strappy effect in our Tamara range is created from solid silk satin. Hours of work go into making EHL styles. We go the extra mile with non-wired pieces too, like our cupped slips and soft bras---it’s not because it’s unwired that it should have a poor fit!

Emma Harris Lingerie

 Tiffany Praline Eyemask

Emma Harris Lingerie Quick Recap:


Luxury lingerie that not only looks good but also fits beautifully and is easy maintenance: lingerie to cherish! Ours is timeless elegance with a vintage feel.

Bra Price Range:

£80 to £150


Bras: We offer 33 “core” sizes spanning 28C to 36E and including FF cups. We also take on bespoke orders outside this range, so can cater to petite busts, full busts, and full figures.

Other garments: “Core” sizes from XS (UK6-8) to XL (UK14-16), plus bespoke as above.

Where to Buy:

Email for bespoke orders:


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