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Edge o’ Beyond’s New Lingerie, Swimwear, and Luxury Mastectomy Bra

  |   By Estelle Puleston

I love discovering new lingerie brands, but it’s a rare treat to see one launch that’s genuinely offering something different. Edge o’ Beyond was one such label when it debuted in 2014.

Named after the founder’s first home, this is luxury lingerie with a unique twist. Almost every piece features small rings on which to attach the brand’s gold-plated chains. And there are plenty of different jewelry styles from which to choose.

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Edge o' Beyond

Ahlan bra, thong & garter belt (with Samuel and Luke chains)
Available in Edge o’ Beyond bra sizes 1-7 and XS-XL
via Edge o’ Beyond

Edge 'o Beyond

James Plus chains (with Ahlan bra)
One Size
via Edge o’ Beyond

There are small, U-shaped chains, and larger ones to drape around the hips or the ribcage. Narrow choker harnesses, and more significant neck pieces with lots of golden straps. Multiple jewelry items work with each garment so that you can choose and customize your look.

Luxury lingerie has always been about adorning your body with something beautiful. But Edge o’ Beyond offers a new way to do it---with added embellishment! As far as I’m aware, four years on, they remain the only brand specializing in combining lingerie and jewelry in this way.

Edge 'o Beyond

Charlotte body (with Benjamin and Joshua chains)
Available in sizes XS-XL (separate sizes available for top and bottom halves)
via Edge o’ Beyond

The concept is well thought-out too. The rings are small and subtle enough that you can still wear the lingerie just fine without the chains. It’s this versatility that allowed the brand to launch its first swimwear collection without diverging from its signature style.

The Spring/Summer 2018 swimwear line features three styles of a black bikini. All made from the same fabric, you can pair any top with any bottoms. And they all come with the brand’s hallmark rings. Add some metallic shine to your swimsuit or bikini for glamorous poolside lounging. But remove it in seconds when it’s time for a dip in the water. Pretty, yet practical too!

Edge o' Beyond

Nadine bikini top & bottoms (with Jacob chains)
Available in sizes S-L
via Edge o’ Beyond

Swimwear, however, is not the only new thing Edge o’ Beyond has debuted this season. As part of the new lingerie collection – the brand’s eighth – they’ve decided to include their first mastectomy bra. It is set to be available later this year.

Pretty mastectomy bras are hard to come by. Genuinely luxurious ones, significantly more so. The rest of the lingerie industry ignores this not-insignificant niche of the market. It’s left to specialist mastectomy brands to fill it, most of whom focus on function over aesthetics. So it’s terrific to see a high-end brand step up and cater to women with mastectomies and a passion for decadent style.

Edge 'o Beyond
Karis mastectomy bra & high-waist brief (with Samuel chains)
Coming soon
via Edge o’ Beyond

Edge o’ Beyond’s mastectomy bra adds to their Karis range which has been around for a few seasons. That means the wearer can mix and match it with the other pieces. There’s an ouvert-back brief, a garter belt, lace-side lounge pants, and other nightwear. A new high-waist brief is also in production.

Karis is one of the brand’s more classic-looking designs, in black silk and delicate French lace. The mastectomy bra is similar to the existing Karis bra, but non-wired and lined with soft jersey for added comfort.

The original sheer lace trim has also been replaced with one on a golden silk backing, to better cover a breast form. It has been designed to work with multiple types of prostheses. And of course, it comes complete with a gold-plated ring to attach optional Edge o’ Beyond jewelry.

Edge 'o Beyond

Charlotte bra, brief & garter belt (with Samuel and Luke chains)
Available in Edge o’ Beyond bra sizes 1-7, XS-L (brief) and XS-XL (garter belt)
via Edge o’ Beyond

The rest of Edge o’ Beyond’s SS18 collection is already online, and it’s simply drop-dead gorgeous. Charlotte is my favorite range, with its delicate rose embroidery on an ultra-sheer tulle backing. I love Ahlan, too, in shimmering gold Leavers lace. It’s the perfect match for the brand’s gold-plated chains.

Yelena and Kathyrn complete the season’s new launches. They’re both graphic black bra sets, combining bold patterns with barely-there tulle or actual cut-outs. The snakeskin-like lace of the Kathyrn range is particularly striking!

Edge o' Beyond

Yelena bra & thong
Available in sizes 30D-36DD and XS-XL
via Edge o’ Beyond

Edge o’ Beyond offers 30-36 band sizes and A to E cups. Lingerie prices on the site range from approximately $65-$160 for bras, $45-$185 for bottoms, and up to $495 for nightwear. The clip-on chain jewelry is all 18-carat gold-plated and costs between roughly $30 and $165. You can shop online at or their various stockists.

What do you think of Edge o’ Beyond’s unique combination of lingerie and jewelry? And their luxury mastectomy bra?

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