Dessous London Tradeshow: Best in Lingerie Trends and Luxury Intimate Apparel

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

The Dessous London tradeshow just wrapped up their second successful intimate apparel show last week, with some of the most exciting lingerie and loungewear on display.

Dessous London is a smaller, more intimate UK show that introduces buyers to both established and up-and-coming premium lingerie brands. And this year's lineup was exceptional.

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There were 24 brands in attendance at the Dessous London Tradeshow. But I'm only able to highlight a few, some of which are new to me. One thing's for sure; there's much to look forward to when it comes to future of intimate apparel fashions. Take a peek at a few of the photos from the show, below, and let me know your favorites.


Very excited to see AmaElla, a new lingerie brand, make their first tradeshow appearance. Launching in 2017, AmaElla offers all-cotton bras, knickers, and nightwear. And this represents a more recent fashion trend driven by consumer demand: beautifully designed sustainable and ethically sourced intimate apparel.

dessous london tradeshow

Coco de Mer

The recent collaboration of Coco de Mer and the V&A Museum has resulted in some incredible pieces that take lingerie and loungewear into the sphere of wearable art. This collection is one you'll want to show off.

dessous london tradeshow

dessous london tradeshow

Emma Harris Lingerie

I've had my eye on Emma Harris Lingerie for a while now. One thing that makes them different is their size range---up to UK FF cups. It's another great option for fuller busts who want to indulge in beautiful and supportive luxury lingerie.

dessous london tradeshow

Dita Von Teese Lingerie

It's lovely to see the continued success of Dita Von Teese Lingerie. The vintage-inspired lingerie trend isn't going away anytime soon, especially when it is so well done.

dessous london

Marlies Dekkers

We covered Marlies Dekkers in our lingerie trends post as the reason why the strappy bra trend is here to stay and enjoy seeing how the brand keeps evolving and innovating.

dessous london tradeshow

Studio Pia

I'm a huge fan of Studio Pia. Their embroidered lingerie collection is a work of art, and it's all ethically made.

dessous london tradeshow

E.L.F. Zhou

No one does bondage-inspired lingerie quite like E.L.F. Zhou London. And it's not all bras and harnesses, either. You can wear the bodysuits and loungewear pieces both in and out of the bedroom. You should also check out their handmade leather pieces.

dessous london tradeshow

dessous london tradeshow


If you love fabulous modern lingerie in up to a G cup, look no further than Inamorata London. This embroidered bra simply stunning!

dessous london tradeshow

Dora Larsen

I'm pretty much crazy for the aesthetic of Dora Larsen. Their colorful lace pieces are a visual delight.

dessous london tradeshow

dessous london tradeshow

Pure Chemistry

This UK luxury brand is new to me. Pure Chemistry seems to be hitting the right note when it comes to playful sex appeal. Their latest bridal collection is unique in that it draws its inspiration from Indian culture and includes bridal saris!

dessous london tradeshow


What are your favorite looks from the Dessous London tradeshow? What brands are you excited to wear in 2018?


Images courtesy of Dessous London. All photographs by Russell Turner

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