Curve NY SS20 Lingerie Trade Show Recap

  |   By Wen CGNB

The Summer edition of Curve NY is one I never miss. I honestly love the colorful and fun touch that brands often add to their Spring/Summer collections. A lot of lingerie labels only show their swimwear at this time of the year, but there is so much more to see.

Today I'm walking you through some pieces and trends from the SS20 Curve NY show. The lingerie industry seems to be a petri dish for what is going on in fashion. And it is exciting to see it move forward year after year.

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Curve NY

Asymmetrical Swimsuits

I clearly remember that asymmetrical trend of the 2000s. I always found it very flattering on small-busted women but tricky as soon as you "need" the support of a bra. Now, we have more strapless options than ever, and as I see this trend coming back in fashion. I think it is going to be amazing for many full-busted women who missed out on it years ago.

Curve NY

Top: Empreinte, Bottom: Panache Swim 

For SS20, Empreinte Lingerie is bringing a new pattern to their swimsuit collection with this beautifully textured swimsuit with a built-in bra (Escale). If you are more into two-piece bikinis, Panache doesn't disappoint with this strong and elegant black set. I love that in these two designs, the strap placement and bust support is different. The Panache bikini top features padding, while the Empreinte swimsuit is unpadded. It means that there are different ways to create successful asymmetrical styles for bigger breasts.

Bright Yellow

Curve NY

From left to right: Gossard, Lejaby, Aubade, Empreinte

Yellow is a strong trend this season, and many brands included the vivid shade in their collections. Gossard is bringing back their Superboost lace longline bra (which now goes up to a generous G cup). As you can see, the Aubade Beauté Sublime range mixed the asymmetrical trend with this fashion colorway, called Rose baisé/Jaune doré. This particular range includes pieces that are easy to mix and match with some solids and prints (more than 23 in all.)

The Empreinte Dream collection gives me elegant retro vibes, but with a very modern fit. And I love the petal detailing at the gore of this bikini top. It elevates the design and gives it texture and style. The yellow colorway is warm and would look great on many different skin tones.

Teal and Green

Curve NY

From left to right: Elomi, Curvy Kate, Empreinte, Lejaby, Scantilly

Teal is a color I usually see in Fall/Winter collections (especially in clothing). But there were variations on blue and green in both lingerie and swimwear for SS20 Curve NY. This Elomi set caught my attention because of the beautiful floral embroidery that complements the green fabric. Plus size fuller bust women are getting more and more delicate options, and I am here for it. This set is like a garden growing on your body and flatters the goddess that you are.

For smaller busted women, Lejaby created this beautiful high apex bra. The embroidery is gorgeous. It appears that SS20 is a lot about nature and getting back to connecting with it and yourself.

The Scantilly Encounter is even more striking in this teal and gold colorway. I had the opportunity to do a shoot with it and fell in love with the fit and design of this set.

Deep Red

From left to right: Dita Von Teese, Gossard, Cleo by Panache, Lejaby, Cleo by Panache, Sculptress

Deep red is present in SS20 collections, and I am surprised. Because it is usually a colorway that comes out for Fall/Winter. That said, these lush prints are lovely.  Roses are having a moment. If you missed out on Lejaby Attrape-Coeur (heart catcher in French), you’ll be happy to hear that the style is coming back. The new variation called Attrape-Fleur (Flower-catcher) features a guipure embroidery that hides nipples very strategically. The Cleo Atlanta bra is already available this Autumn in Petrol blue. But this new red colorway is probably going to be very popular next summer. It is one more reason to show your back off in cute Summer tops!

Fun Prints and New Lingerie Solutions

One thing I particularly enjoyed this year was the fun prints and embroideries from many different brands.

From left to right: Sculptress, Curvy Kate, Panache Swim

This Sculptress kisses print is so cute and cool! I love the direction plus size full bust lingerie is going. Curvy Kate also features a lips and faces print, more abstractly. It’s nice to see some new ideas when it comes to colorways. And continuing with the artsy/painting vibe, this Panache swimsuit is also original.

Fleur of England

Fleur of England is an exquisite luxury brand, producing slow and quality fashion every year. Their new Cosmic collection had my heart at first sight. The scalloped edges of the babydoll cups and the skirt is delightful, and the embroidery is simply glorious. It must look incredible against the skin. This strapless bandeau is ridiculously pretty, and although it’s not full bust friendly. And I think everything in this collection is to die for. The brand will soon be coming out with a full bust collection, and I can't wait until it's available.

Curvy Kate's famous and very appreciated Luxe Strapless Bra now comes in a brown colorway which is good news for many women of color. Finding a full bust strapless bra in a brown shade that looks discreet and fits well is hard. I had the opportunity to try this new style, and even if I'm a bit lighter, I loved how it suited my skin tone. You can tell that this isn't just a random brown colorway. I think it will work for a wide range of skin tones. Also, the fit is excellent. So if you haven't tried it and need a good "solution" bra, I highly recommend this one.

On this note, I saw many more women of color in brand lookbooks this season. And while I know inclusivity is a trend at the moment, I'm happy to see more diversity everywhere. French brands especially made an effort—as they aren’t known to be the most inclusive in their marketing. Hopefully, this becomes the new norm, and we won’t be surprised by this at Curve NY in a few years.

Size extension is also a beautiful thing. and many brands are working to include plus-size and full-busted customers. Some are trying to be more eco-conscious, which is wonderful. We can always hope for improvement, and I feel confident that there is something for everyone to enjoy about the changing lingerie industry.

What do you think of the new Spring/Summer 2020 lingerie styles and trends as seen at Curve NY? Which ones do you look forward to wearing?


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