What Do You Call Your Breasts?

News reports leading up to Mother’s Day were obsessed with one specific breast: that pictured on the cover of Time Magazine. Despite the media hype, it makes sense since the word “mother” originates from the root “mamma,” or breast. But you don’t have to breastfeed, or even give birth to be called “mom.” You’re given that […]

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Contour Bras: What They Say About Our Breasts

A recent display of bras on the pages from a 1979 Victoria’s Secret catalog made me reflect on what lingerie reveals about a woman, from the inside out. The changing breast aesthetic has always been driven by fashion: from the 1920s flapper with a flattened chest to the pointed missile look of the 1950s. Historians […]

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Why I Dumped

I felt some kinship with when I first launched my website back in 2006. They’d drawn attention to themselves by producing controversial Super Bowl spots, and it made sense to park my new boob domains with their company. Go see The Contract – Internet Only commercial at I hadn’t yet published my book or spent […]

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Ashley Judd Not Just Another Pretty, Puffy Face

Actress Ashley Judd is in the news speaking out against the media’s obsession with women’s bodies. Her article in the Daily Beast is a response to comments made about her face. Journalists felt compelled to report on its “puffiness” and consider if it this was due to weight gain or cosmetic fillers. Ms. Judd detailed claims about her that […]

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Cleavage as the Great Divide

I’m a huge fan of cleavage, if for no other reason than it’s proof positive that women’s breasts are powerful. They’re used to sell everything from beer to bras, and they never, ever lose their appeal. Everyone loves boobs, no matter their age, race, or sexual orientation. Cleavage is so attractive that it’s hard to […]

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