Boob Haiku: Breast Inspired Poetry

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

In keeping my promise to change things up on the blog this year, today's post is an homage to the poetry of breasts.

What, you're probably thinking, is boob Haiku? 

If you're not familiar with this poetry genre, here's a quick refresher.  My inspiration for this post came from attending a recent writing retreat in Mexico. Each morning, participants read aloud Haikus written the night before, on an assigned topic. They were both fun to compose and share. And then I remembered a few Boob Haikus that made their way into reader comments on a previous incarnation of this website. Thus, Boob Haiku was born.

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These ten little Boob Haiku are from readers and writer friends. The accompanying images of breast-centric art are from various travels. Let me know your favorite Boob Haiku. Or, if creatively inspired, add your own in the comments, below!  

boob haiiku

Inclined Head of Kneeling Woman
Wilhelm Lehmbruck (German, 1881-1919)
Norton Simon Museum


One boob, one tit, one

bra that doesn't fit my poor

irregular self.

The springing of 36D

Cups drop to bed, girls

separate no more - released

bliss at day's finish.

Susanne Fletcher

boob haiku

Venus de Milo
Found at Milo
130-120 BC
Musée du Louvre, Paris

My boobs grew bigger.

Thanks to hormones and the pill.

More of me to love.

Betsy Farber

boob haiku

Woman With Book
Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973)
Norton Simon Museum

One boob in, one out

B on right, double A left

Walmart lingerie?

Dora Apple

boob haiku

Aristide Maillol (French, 1861-1944)
Norton Simon Museum

Tired bikini

Boobs embrace autumn wearing

Cashmere sweater sets.

Elisabeth Dale

Uneven cleavage

One is round, and one is straight

Did you notice it?


boob haiku

Jenny Saville, 1994
The Broad Museum

Back Fat

Discovered today

Some new skin, under my arm,

Over my bra, sigh.

Elisabeth Dale

Sagging soft bosom

Far from summer's youthful days

Loved for life nourished.


boob haiku

Madre con nino en la cadera (Mother With Child at Her Hip)
Francisco Zuniga, 1979
Murphy Sculpture Garden UCLA

Wide, warm lips lead life

ever returning they paw

pillows to heaven.


boob haiku

Bra shopping problems

Meet ultimate solution

To read The Bra Zone.

Elisabeth Dale

Do you have any thoughts about Boob Haiku? Good idea or worst possible Haiku style??

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