10 Beautiful Full Bust and Plus Size Party Dresses

  |   By Holly Jackson

One of my favorite features of the holiday season is my ability to pull out dresses that seem totally inappropriate during the rest of the year.

I love bright and bold clothing that seems eminently suited to holiday events: sequins, velvet and all sorts of dramatic flourishes.

If there’s a theme to this post, it’s a compilation of things that I like and are festive to me, from sequined sleeves to basic little black dresses. I’ve included those that are both full bust and full figure friendly. You'll find several of these in a full range of sizes, which means that they work for pretty much everyone.

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Here are ten beautiful full bust and plus size party dresses to wear this holiday season:

Candice Gwinn Liz Dress by Trashy Diva:

plus size party dresses

Candice Gwinn Liz Dress
Available in Sizes 0-24
via Trashy Diva

I have to start with Trashy Diva, which continues to be one of the best shopping destinations in New Orleans! They’ve produced some great collections this year, but I’m especially fond of this lovely floral print for the holidays. It’s unexpected, unusual but still feels festive. Since it’s not red or green, you can wear it any time of year. This cut is one of my favorites from Trashy Diva, in part because it looks great on curvy ladies.

Curvy Black and Berry Embroidered Mini Dress by Little Mistress:

plus size party dresses

Curvy Black and Berry Embroidered Mini Dress
Available in Sizes 16-26
via Little Mistress

I keep seeing plus size bloggers in adorable dresses all over the internet, and many of them trace back to Little Mistress’ Curve collection. This basic black dress is taken up a notch with the addition of berry colored embroidery at the waist, making it festive yet basic.

Nova Dress by Saint Bustier:

plus size party dresses

Nova Dress
Available in Sizes 10-18
via Saint Bustier

This sequined dress features a classic sheath dress shape and fits up to a GG cup! It’s simple, festive and eye-catching.

Paloma Dress by Saint Bustier:


Paloma Dress
Available in Red or Plaid, Sizes UK 8-18
via Saint Bustier

I couldn’t pass up another version of the sheath dress at Saint Bustier, available in traditional holiday red or navy/green plaid. Accessorize this dress in different ways for daytime or evening---or transition between the two with a change of shoes and jewelry.

Plus Size Burgundy Speakeasy Tiered Fringe Flapper Dress by Unique Vintage:

plus size party dresses

Plus Size Burgundy Speakeasy Tiered Fringe Flapper Dress
Available in Sizes 2X-4X
via Unique Vintage

Before you think I’ve gone insane with this pick, hear me out. Trashy Diva sells a variant of these, and you see incredibly fashionable women around the city in them all the time. They’re flattering on a variety of figures and can be dressed up with leather jackets and boots. They also make great party dresses and don’t look like a costume when paired with modern jewelry, shoes, and makeup.

Rose Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress by Tadashi Shoji:

plus size party dresses

Tadashi Shoji Rose Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress
Available in Sizes 14W-24W 
via Nordstrom

Tadashi Shoji is a favorite of plus-size celebrities on the red carpet, but regular people can wear them too! This elaborately embroidered dress is perfect for holiday parties and special occasions. If you want to play up the holiday elements, pair it with gold shoes and some gold jewelry.

Truly You Satin Dress With Keyhole Cape Back Detail:

plus size party dresses

Truly You Satin Dress
Available in Sizes 14-24
via ASOS

This dress has some serious drama to it, especially when viewed from the back. I love when dresses are designed with multiple views in mind. The color is perfect for the holidays and who can resist a great cape?

Jacquard Dress by Pepperberry:

plus size party dresses

Jacquard Dress
Available in Sizes 8-18
via Pepperberry

Sometimes you just need a basic to get you through multiple holiday occasions, from office parties to a family get-together. This dress is a great staple for the season. You can dress it up or dress it down as well as match it with different jackets, cardigans, and tights.

Studio Tuxedo Dress by Eloquii:

plus size party dresses

Studio Tuxedo Dress
Available in Sizes 14-24
via Eloquii

I adore this menswear-inspired version of the basic black party dress. It’s the kind of thing you would have never seen for plus sizes several years ago, proving that the market has come a long way. Smart elastic seaming and the wrap silhouette ensures that it will work with curves, while the cut is dramatic enough that you won’t have to do much in the way of accessories. It’s the perfect holiday dress for those who want to wear black but also want to stand out.

Sequin Fringe Swing Dress by Kate Spade:

plus size party dressesSequin Fringe Swing Dress
Available in Sizes 00-16
via Kate Spade

Another statement black dress option, this time with a classic dress cut and an abundance of sequins. Kate Spade has become a much more accessible brand regarding sizing over the past few years now that their range has expanded to a size 16. It's worth taking a second look at their clothing if you love their unique aesthetic and were previously sized out.

What do you think of these full bust and plus size party dresses? Will you be buying something new this holiday season?

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