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"Last weekend Elisabeth Dale wowed the Washington Society of Plastic Surgeons at their annual meeting. Her “The Breast Life” presentation took us on her breast journey from prepubescent to overly endowed to depressingly deflated and finally to happy and perky at last (thanks to a little plastic surgical intervention). Along the way, she provided education, insight and a lot of laughs.

Elisabeth really tells it like it is without any filter, agenda, chip on her shoulder, issues, or politically correct mumbo jumbo. The audience was mostly male plastic surgeons and she gave them a female’s point of view that could only be trumped if they, themselves, sprouted a couple of wayward “girls”. I just loved watching my male colleagues squirm a little! Thanks Elisabeth for a terrific presentation."

- Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D., Washington Society of Plastic Surgeons, Past President 2003-2004

"Elisabeth Dale was an undeniable asset to our lineup of speakers for this year’s staff retreat. Many of my co-workers asked, “How did you find her?” She presented a vast amount of statistical information and worthy tips with excellence to a group of Labor and Delivery nurses, nursing assistants, and other supporting staff members who work with breasts on a daily basis. The information and “points of interest” that Elisabeth addressed not only helped me feel more accepting and confident about my own “girls”, but have provided me with some effective tools to help my patients feel more secure about their breasts and potentially empower them to make better breastfeeding decisions that work best for them, individually.

Her presentation style is comfortable, upbeat, entertaining, and professionally communicated with credibility, and passion. The information and knowledge she has to share with the world is pertinent to men, as much as it is to women…young and old. If you have the opportunity to hear her speak I wouldn’t pass it up!"

- Joan Glenn, RN, BSN, Retreat Coordinator (2005-2011) for “Women’s and Children’s Services”, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center

"Elisabeth was a speaker at my 2nd Annual Beautifully Balanced Life Women's Event after being THE favorite speaker at the first event! Her fun delivery, dynamic personality and knowledge of her "subjects" shall we say, makes her a fabulous speaker. I highly recommend having Elisabeth as a speaker. Thanks for adding some spice to my events Elisabeth!!"

- Karri Bruntz, Founder, Beautifully Balanced Life 

Elisabeth, thank you for your wonderful narrative contribution to our show, Hathor Unveiled: An Homage to Seattle's Belly Dance Origins. While your expertise on women and their bodies added significant value to the show, we also really appreciated your dedication as an emcee to finding a tasteful balance in incorporating your own material while ensuring the spotlight remained on the integrity of these women and the stories of their careers and lives."

- Suzanna & Malia, Belly Dance Artists, www.planetsuzanna.com & www.maliaraqs.com

"Elisabeth's presentation to our group was refreshing, funny, informative, touching and provocative. We learned things we didn't know, and commiserated about things we all knew! An opportunity to talk about things we may have wondered about, but were afraid to ask. From NMDs to forbidden fruits, it was insightful and fun. A must for all women and their girls!"

- Vicki Orrico,  Chair, Food for Thought Speakers Forum, Center for Women & Democracy

"Bewildered about your breasts? Baffled about your bra? Boggled about your boobs? As the keynote speaker at our annual Spring Event, Elisabeth shared with us how to be comfortable with our bodies - specifically about the care, style, and appreciation of our breasts. Who would have guessed that a speech about breasts could be so informative, practical, respectful and entertaining?! The audience included mothers and their daughters ranging in age from 12 to 18 and Elisabeth managed to present interesting and relevant information to a broad range of young (and not so young!) women. The 50-something year old mom of one 13 year old summed up the universal appeal of Elisabeth's presentation and her book, bOObs, saying, "My daughter and I both thought Elisabeth was great. She can't wait to read the book and neither can I!" Thank you, Elisabeth, for presenting a sometimes uncomfortable subject with style and grace."

- Daria Nacheff Absher, National Charity League, Inc., Evergreen Chapter, National Charity League

"Elisabeth Dale was a delightful speaker for our women's group's "Ladies Night Out", an annual event held at Seattle Yacht Club. She truly knows her subject and spoke on a wide range of topics, ranging from the more serious issues of breast health and the psychological impact of breast development on young girls, to lighter issues such as being proud of "our girls" and what we can do to make them look great. She brought warmth and humor to her presentation and fielded a wide variety of questions beautifully. I would recommend Elisabeth to any women's group---and perhaps to a mixed group as well."

- Carolyn Rice, SYC Women's Group President, Seattle Yacht Club

"Dear Elisabeth,
You have inspired me. I shall raise my breasts with loving care and they shall grow up to be very prosperous items. However, it will not all be fun and games. Sometimes it will hurt while I run and sometimes my bra will be synched so tight that my boobs will be pulled up to my chin. Somehow I’ll always be able to come back to the realization that my boobs are unique…. both of them. Thank you for talking to us. It was fun and entertaining and helped me to be content with my size."

- 8th grader

"Elisabeth was a gem and trooped out to Camp Robbinswold this summer to give a presentation about bra fittings and breast health to a diverse group of adult Girl Scouts, ranging in age from 18-80. She was witty and informative and handled all our questions with poise and grace, even when under fire by an audience member with a strong opinion. Many women asked if we could have her come back again next year. This is the second time I have seen Elisabeth speak and have learned something new each time."

- Jen Reck-Allen, Women's Own 2009 Camp Director

"Elisabeth Dale presented her book and signed copies at a ZINO Society party at the beautiful new downtown Seattle Alvin Goldfarb Jewelers store, where her humorous remarks were welcomed with laughter. Her supply of books was quickly purchased by the partygoers within a few minutes following the end of her presentation!"

- Cathi Hatch, Founder & CEO, ZINO Society, LLC

"Elisabeth braved our three coed 7th grade science classes studying Adolescent Growth and Development. Her presentation on breast development and how our culture views breasts fit right in with our curriculum. Though there was some initial tittering among some boys in one class, most took the topic in stride and were an attentive audience. Elisabeth modified her previous presentations to not focus so much on bras in deference to the males, though we realized after the first groups that most boys and possibly a few girls, had no idea what the size of a bra represented! They also enjoyed the historical focus on how breasts have been viewed- or covered up- in different time periods and cultures."

- Robert Isgur, The Northwest School

"Dear Elisabeth,
Thank you so much for coming in and talking to us about boobs. At first I thought it was going to be awkward but it turned out to be one of the funniest discussions I’ve had in a long time.  Thank you so much. It was awesome!"

- 8th grader

"Dear Elisabeth Dale,
Thank you for everything! Your talk was not only informative but funny too! It made me feel more in touch with myself. I learned so much about boobs and bras. I think we all learned much more than we were expecting. Who knew there were so many “unique” things about boobs!Thank you again for everything!P.S. I can‘t wait until your next book comes out!"

- 8th grader

"Here at Seattle Girls’ School we take pride in “telling it like it is,” and thus we reveled in Elisabeth Dale's enlightening presentation on breast care and maintenance. Her refreshingly candid approach to this “seen but not heard” subject reminded our 8th grade students that they are each, in their own unique way, perfectly made. Through her delightful humor and a literal suitcase full of information, as well as props, Elisabeth demystifies what can come to feel like a taboo subject: women’s breasts. Girls of all ages and sizes benefit from the Elisabeth’s honest and affirming message. And it wouldn’t hurt for boys to gain a bit of factual knowledge on this important topic as well!" 

- Sally McLaughlin, 8th grade team, Seattle Girls’ School

"Dear Elisabeth Dale,
Thank you so much for coming to our class! It was very interesting learning more about… (sigh) boobs. You made it fun by making jokes and showing visuals to show the history of boobs. I learned a lot about bra fittings and how long they last.  Thanks a bunch! You should share with other schools."

- 8th grader

"Dear Elisabeth,
Thank you very much for coming to our class. It was really cool how you were really open about everything. At first we were a little shy but you were funny and playful and funky and it helped us all relax. You helped make me a lot less self-conscious about talking about my body.Thanks again!"

- 8th grader

"Dear Elisabeth,
Thank you very much for taking time out of your day and schedule to talk to us. I think, actually I know that I learned a lot from you the other day. Many times when we have speakers they can be boring even if they’re talking about something really fun. So I think you for not being boring but fun and interesting. So again I hope you will consider coming back in the future!"

- 7th grader

"Dear Elisabeth Dale,
Thanks you so much for coming into our class to speak! Your facts about boobs were interesting especially about how Barbie would not be able to wear any clothes because her bust would be too big and her hips too small. I walked out of class knowing a lot more about the history and fashion of boobs and what different women go through. The way you talked to us made me not feel embarrassed. It also was really interesting to me, that because of Ken, many boys are now self conscious about their muscles. Your bra info was great and I enjoyed your talk! Thanks for your time!"

- 7th grader
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