Elisabeth Dale is the Founder of The Breast Life™ and author of The Breast Life Guide to The Bra Zone: How to Find Your Ideal Size, Style, and Support, and bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls (a Library Journal 2007 Best Consumer Health Book). She is a renown educator and sought after speaker. Elisabeth offers groups a unique and entertaining approach to the topic of breasts, and inspires and empowers women to live their best lives.

In sharing her story (or "mammoir"), Elisabeth reveals a saga of awkward adolescence, motherhood, breast lift, divorce, and menopause, and ultimately coming to terms with her changing body. Her experience highlights the unique relationship all women have with their breasts.

Elisabeth will work with your organization to tailor her talk to your audience, be it teen girls, mother/daughter gatherings, college groups, clubs, or healthcare professionals.


Embracing Your Breast Life
(General Health and Wellness, Improving Self-esteem)
Elisabeth unlocks the mystery of how to keep your breasts looking and feeling their best:

  • Top 10 breast and bra myths
  • Typical sizes, shapes, and changes
  • Truth about breast plastic surgery options
  • Unlocking mystery of bra industry, fit and style tips
  • Power of cleavage and breasts in the workplace
  • Latest self-exam and mammography guidelines
  • When to see your doctor, and
  • Helpful products to discover.

* Take-away: armed with facts and statistics, plus tools on great bra fit, you'll feel healthier and happier.

The Bra Zone – How to Find Your Ideal Size, Style, and Support
(All age groups)
There's more to feeling fabulous in your bra than finding the "right" size. You need to know where to shop for styles that fit your body type, budget, and wardrobe. You'll learn:

  • Bra styles to flatter your age, size, and body type
  • Finding your size, even without a measuring tape
  • How to build your bra wardrobe and stretch your lingerie budget
  • Where to buy on-line, bra fit apps, best lingerie bloggers
  • How to customize your bra fit experience
  • Tips on wear, care, and storage that extend the life of your bras
  • Tailored talk geared to your target audience: be it active wear and sports bras, bridal foundations, nursing bras, or "first bra" buying tips.

* Take away: learn the six tips that guarantee a great fit; styles to flatter your figure and fashions, and products to customize your look. 

Determining Your Breast Self: Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?
(Patients, health groups)
Today's "boob job" describes much more than implants. You can choose a breast lift, reduction, nipple surgery, or a procedure to correct severe asymmetry (one breast bigger than the other). Elisabeth reflects on her cosmetic surgery experience in a frank and funny discussion covering:

  • Expectations and what makes for a good surgical patient
  • How to find the best physician and important questions to ask
  • Latest techniques and procedures
  • What to expect pre and post-op, how to prepare
  • How much it will cost (in time and money), and
  • Emotional and social consequences of changing your appearance.

* Take away: discover what makes the best plastic surgery patient, from both sides of the knife.

The Breast Life Guide for Younger Girls
(Girls organizations, school groups, mother/daughter groups)
Breast development can be a scary and exciting time for young girls – and for their parents. Girls learn:

  • Basic breast physiology, what's normal and not
  • When and where to buy your first bra
  • How to develop your bra style and remember simple fit tips
  • Importance of wearing a sports bra and what types to buy
  • What to expect the rest of your breast life
  • Media images and embracing your unique body

* Take-away: busting breast myths, DIY bra fit and buying advice, tips on wear and care, additional resources. 

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