"I get a lot of strange questions from people about lingerie in my off-hours and I answer most of them by recommending The Bra Zone. This is the perfect judgment-free introduction to buying lingerie in any size range. I especially love how Elisabeth talks about finding your size range rather than one particular size! Lingerie can be such a great tool for self-expression, so it's lovely to see a book that explores that alongside great fitting advice."

— Holly Jackson, The Full Figured Chest

"This book covers every aspect of the bra market... It has enlightened me on a few facts. It's one of those rare literary combinations; an easy read chock full of valuable information."

— Ellen Lewis, LingerieBriefs

"Required reading for anyone who makes (or wears) clothes. Being informed about your foundations makes any look work for you!"

— Mallory Donohue, Zede's Sewing Studio

"The Bra Zone arms readers with the knowledge and insight on how to shop for the perfect bra and find the perfect fit."

— The Lingerie Journal

"This book is an absolute must buy as a “go-to” read when bra shopping (and take it with you, it’s compact). It will change your purchase for the better and open your eyes to styles you never thought you could wear, without a doubt!"

— The Lingerie Stories

"With her wealth of experience and warm and practical writing style, Elisabeth Dale provides a great entry to the complicated world of bra shopping, plus an excellent reference for those of us already immersed in it."

— Darlene Campbell, Hourglassy

"The Bra Zone covers everything from bra myths and realities to bra fit basics, hacks and fixes, shopping for everybody (as in body type), and the ten rules for bra zone bliss. ( She also includes an international bra size chart that makes sense, thank you very much.) And that's a lot of ground since the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night - and the one thing that touches our skin in the most intimate way - is our lingerie."

— Truly French by Lingerie Francaise

"The Bra Zone tells you what we in the lingerie and fitting industry all know, which is not complicated for anyone else to understand. You don't need to be an expert to take bra matters into your own hands! Most importantly, to me personally, is the genuine and warm body-positive message which runs throughout the book."

— Niamh, H Cup Chronicles

"The Bra Zone is your ultimate guide to finding bras that make you happy. A large portion of the book is dedicated to sourcing bras that fit how you want them to, including tips to deal with common issues such as shoulder pain or uneven breasts, and advice to get measured or measure yourself.”

— Estelle, Esty Lingerie

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