Ysé Lingerie: Redefining Small Bust Beauty

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

I was introduced to Ysé Lingerie while writing a series for The Lingerie Journal about the small bust lingerie market.

Ysé is focused on meeting the needs of an often over-looked and misunderstood segment of the lingerie market.

Through my research and interviews, I discovered that small busters have a harder time finding fashionable, well-fitting lingerie pieces. The assumption is that women who wear anything below a C cup either (a) do not "need" a bra; or (b) if they do, they prefer padded, push-up types that add bulk to their smaller chests. It might seem like smaller busts have all sorts of lingerie options, but they really don't.

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And most people get it all wrong when it comes to the lingerie styles petite busted women prefer.

Small busters long for choice. A padded or push-up bra is right under certain garments. But other times, something more lacy and feminine is the perfect choice. Going without a bra isn't the best, or easiest, foundation solution. Like all women, petite frames seek fit, style, and fashion in their intimate apparel.

Enter Ysé Lingerie, the first French lingerie brand dedicated to petite busts. Their brand philosophy is to celebrate the natural form of smaller-breasted women and declare to the world that they are beautiful, just as they are.

Ysé Lingerie offers a full range of bra shapes designed for A and B cups, fitting bands 30 to 36. You'll find plunge bras, demi-cups, bralettes, bandeaux, and even lightly padded styles---all made from gorgeous fabrics and laces sourced in Europe. They'll soon be launching an English version of their French website, making it easier for small and petite busted women everywhere, to enjoy their designs.

Here's a peak at a few pieces from the Ysé Lingerie spring/summer 2014 collection. Weigh in with your favorites in the comments below!

Ysé LingerieLa Contredance
7editEn plein midi
Ysé LingerieEmbrasse Moi
Ysé Lingerie Vol de nuit
Ysé LingerieLa Princesse de Clèves
 Ysé Lingerie24 heures de la vie d'une femme bandeau

Featured image: L'mant Cobalt

Are you a small buster? What do you think of Ysé Lingerie? Which styles would you wear?

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