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Where to Buy Lingerie Sewing Supplies Online in the UK and Europe

  |   By Estelle Puleston

I recently shared a list of online stores selling bra-making supplies in the US and Canada.

Today’s follow-up is for our European readers and lingerie sewing enthusiasts, with retailers a little closer to home. As before, this list doesn’t include fabric shops (although some stores listed do sell them). Fabrics are easy to find elsewhere.

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What’s not so simple to get hold of in your local craft store are things like bra wires, garter grips, and strap hardware. It is especially true if you want an unusual color such as rose-gold or blue. Below are 19 retailers specializing in lingerie sewing supplies. Here, you can find everything from over wires to heart-shaped sliders. Get ready to make your dream lingerie set come true.

19 Online Lingerie Sewing Supply Stores in the UK and Europe

lingerie sewing

Image via @bodils_wear on Instagram

B,Wear (Sweden)

This store has everything you need to sew lingerie! There’s fabric, elastic, pre-formed foam cups, lots of underwires, and much more besides. They also sell lots of lingerie sewing patterns, including their own. Go here to get hold of patterns by indie designers Ohhh Lulu and Madalynne within the EU.

Costura Secret Shop (Spain)

Through her Etsy storefront, Pilar offers a small selection of lingerie sewing supplies. The choice is limited, but you’ll find some gems such as rose-gold hardware and heart-shaped strap sliders.

English Couture Company (UK)

This retailer has a particular focus on supplies for sewing lingerie, including corsets. They offer lots of fabrics, plus a decently large variety of other components. There are underwires, corset busks and bones, rings, sliders and more to be found.

Evie la Luve DIY (UK)

Another Etsy shop, this one sells a wide range of sewing patterns for briefs, bralettes, and accessories such as eye masks. The owner also has a handful of supplies for sale, including rings, sliders and fold-over elastic.

lingerie sewing

Image via @evielaluve on Instagram

Fit2Sew (UK)

This brand is the UK distributor for Canadian brand Bra and Corset Supplies, from the earlier list. Their selection is a bit smaller – there are no corsetry supplies for example. But you will still find all the basics you need to make a standard wired or unwired bra.

La Lopez Lingerie (Netherlands)

Owner Deisy is a lingerie designer who runs sewing courses. She’s also the author of a book on how to sew lingerie. Through her online shop, she sells all the components you need to make lingerie, swimwear or corsetry. You’ll find underwires, busks, bones, hook-and-eye fasteners, pre-formed cups and more.

Lijfgoed (Netherlands)

This lingerie-supplies store has a wide range of underwires, including the slightly rarer ones for triangle-cup bras. They also sell bra closures, elastics, hooks, rings, sliders and plenty of fabrics.

Lingerie Making Shop (UK)

This Etsy store specializes in premium-quality lingerie sewing supplies. The selection changes regularly and you won’t find everything you need here. But it’s an excellent place to check if you’re looking for elegant, unusual colors. You can also buy some items in serious bulk – indie lingerie designers take note!

MacCulloch & Wallis (UK)

This is a generic sewing supplies store, but they offer a lot of lingerie-specific items. You’ll find them, for some reason, all lumped together in the Corsetry category. There are pre-formed bra cups, rings, sliders, bra fasteners, underwires, and corset bones and busks.

lingerie sewing

Image via @english.couture on Instagram

Make Bra (Finland)

This shop’s selection of bra-making supplies is on the small side. However, they do offer quite a few sewing patterns. You’ll find patterns for six different styles of bra, plus briefs and even seamed stockings!

Merckwaerdigh (Netherlands)

An Etsy shop, this independent designer offers a wide variety of lingerie sewing patterns. There are ones for wired bras, sports bras, bustiers and much more. She also sells a small handful of supplies, plus kits with everything you need (except underwires) to make a bra set.

Sew Curvy (UK)

This is first-and-foremost a corsetry-making supplies shop, but there’s also a bra making section. You can find pre-formed cups and foam to make your own. Plus underwires, elastics, rings, sliders, fasteners and a handful of fabrics. There’s not much choice, but all the basics are there.

Sewing Chest (UK)

This retailer offers lots of supplies for both bra and corset-making. Alongside plenty of fabrics, you’ll find lingerie elastics, underwires, fasteners, sliders, corset bones and busks, and much more. It’s a great place to check if you’re looking for bra components in more unusual colors.

Sew Wardrobe (UK)

This Etsy seller has a small selection of lingerie sewing supplies. There’s not much choice, but you will find rose-gold hardware and some pretty bra strap elastics. Corsetry items aren’t sold individually, but you can buy a sewing pattern, plus a kit with everything you need to make it.

lingerie sewing

Image via @studiocosturashop on Instagram

Sewy (Germany)

This lingerie-supplies retailer sells everything you need to sew intimates---including sewing machines! There are underwires, closures, wires, garter grips and more. Plus, they offer a sizable selection of lingerie and swimwear sewing patterns.

Studio Costura Shop (Estonia)

Another Etsy-based shop, owner Karu sells a variety of colorful lingerie elastics. Her store also has underwire channeling (but no underwires), rings and sliders, fasteners, and a few fabrics and trims. She offers a single sewing pattern too, to make a bralette.

The Bra Shop (UK)

Another Etsy seller, Alison offers lingerie elastics and fabrics, including cup foam, plus rings, sliders, and fasteners. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you want underwires. Otherwise, though, she offers all the basics you need to begin sewing bras and briefs.

Vena Cava Design (UK)

This is another retailer that mostly focussed on corset-making. They have colored busks, wooden busks, tapered busks; all sorts of specific things that are hard to find elsewhere! However, there are also quite a few bra-making supplies. You’ll find sewing patterns, underwires (plus rare over wires and uniwires!), and a handful of fasteners, rings, and sliders.

Wien 2002 (Germany)

This sewing supplies shop may look confusing and outdated. Dig through though, and you’ll find some good components. Check the lingerie accessories category for unusual garter grips, colorful hooks, rings and sliders, and more. They also sell Miss Josie sewing patterns for five styles of briefs.

Do you know of any other Europe-based online stores selling lingerie sewing supplies? Add a link in the comments section below!


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