want bigger breasts

Want Bigger Breasts or Cleavage? Double Scoop Review

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Sometimes boobs need a little boost.

It's about fashion and personal preference. You may have a plunging summer top or sexy swimsuit in need of cleavage, or a special occasion dress that could use some lift. It's not a matter of simply adding inches. I needed to prop up my breasts after multiple pregnancies left them with less volume. And sometimes one boob is noticeably bigger than the other and you want to even them out. There are many reasons why someone might want or need more outwardly feminine breast enhancements.

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If you want bigger breasts or greater cleavage, there are a few ways to get both. You can spend big bucks for temporary or semi-permanent ('cause nothing lasts forever) plastic surgery. But the easiest way is to (a) wear a push-up bra with sewn in or removable "cookies" or "cutlets;" or (b) buy separate bra inserts and use them in existing lingerie or swimwear. Either way works, but the latter gives you more flexibility and is often the cheapest option.


want bigger breasts

Double Scoop Peppermint Stick Bra Inserts


Bra inserts can be made of silicone or synthetic materials. The warmer weather of Southern California makes silicone bumps a less attractive choice due to extra sweat and heat. That's why I was interested in the foam inserts sent to me by Double Scoop.** Their clever marketing campaign builds their brand on six cute ice cream flavors.

want bigger breasts

Double Scoop packaging

Melanie, 42 years old and a 36B, agreed to try out Double Scoop with one of her favorite low-cut dresses. She's had both good, and bad, experiences with bra inserts. This time she had no complaints. "They're light and easy to position, plus the right shape." Tall and athletic, Melanie liked the fact that she didn't have to think about the inserts, especially with extra security of sticky tape. "The type of bra I wear and possible bra inserts give me a choice about the way I look. It allows me to make the most of my cleavage in a natural -non-invasive way," added Melanie.

want bigger breasts

Double Scoop Sweet Peaches Triangle Bra Inserts

Double Scoops come in two sizes, a larger oval and smaller triangular shape. They retail for $19.99 and come with strips of double-sided sticky tape, if you want added security. While not waterproof, they can get wet and are made of quick dry material. The bright designer colors and bold prints are meant to make them more 'intentional" and less embarrassing, should one fall out. 

want bigger breasts

What Melanie wore:
Double Scoop Chocolate Chip Bra Inserts w/double stick tape


If you're looking to up your breast profile, position, or add cleavage, you might try Double Scoop. They help equal out breast shape and size, especially if surgery leaves you uneven. They can replace less sturdy or worn out pads from another push-up bra. They're another fashion option for those who wear breast forms. 

What do you think of Double Scoop? Have you ever worn bra inserts? What was your experience? 

**I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own.

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