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My Top Ten Favorite Full Bust Lingerie Brands

  |   By Jenny Rieu

As a fashion and lingerie model, my platforms are all about inclusivity and creating content that includes brands that I genuinely love to wear and promote. After modeling for the past four years, I have decided to team up with my friend Elisabeth Dale from the blog The Breast Life, to bring you my top ten favorite full bust friendly lingerie brands.

Harlow & Fox:

full bust lingerie

Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography

Harlow & Fox takes me to the next level of lingerie opulence. Their designs make me feel like I should be sipping champagne all day long on my Marie-Antoinette inspired couch. And I have done that! Made of luxurious French lace from Calais and the most glorious silk fabrics, it remains my favorite luxury lingerie designer of all time. As a classically trained stage actress, I love that each style is associated with a strong female character, too. Not only does creative director and Founder Leanna Williams make full bust lingerie sets, but you can also find slips and tap pants as well as robes to match. Harlow & Fox also offer bespoke orders. I have been collaborating with the brand since 2016. And I will always be an avid ambassador of this dream indie luxury designer.

Katherine Hamilton:

full bust lingerie

Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography

This new UK-based luxury lingerie brand stole my heart with one set. I recently collaborated with the brand and was able to review the Abbie pink set; including a silk robe, high-waisted knickers and a matching non-padded bra. Each piece includes dusky pink French lace with eyelash trim, a silk button detail, and that perfect fit. I was blown away by the comfort of the set and the fact that it fit me so perfectly. I am obsessed with the style as it reminds me of the 1940s stars of the silver screen. I cannot wait to discover more designs from their Fall collection, as this new designer is my lingerie brand crush for 2018.

Dita Von Teese Lingerie:

full bust lingerie

Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography

Dita Von Teese is the most successful burlesque performer of all time. She is a style icon, model, lingerie designer, and vintage connoisseur. And she has been inspiring me for the past decade. When I was still living in my native Paris, I bought a book about burlesque and started obsessing over her perfectly curated vintage aesthetic. When she added more sizes to her lingerie line, Dita Von Teese Lingerie, it floored me. As a full bust gal, it is tough to find styles that are so decadent and in line with my taste.

I grew up wearing French lingerie most of my life---until my body became curvier. That is when I discovered the challenge of being a 36G and finding luxurious lingerie. Dita's styles are a constant source of inspiration, and the fit is both perfect and comfortable. I also love how she manages to keep her fans excited about the next colorway of the Dahlia set, which is the one I wear for this review.

Thank you Glamuse Lingerie for gifting me such a fabulous set and thank you, Dita, for opening up the range to not only full bust gals but also plus size women. I would rate Dita Von Teese Lingerie as my go-to for vintage-inspired lingerie.

Curvy Couture:

full bust lingerie

Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography - Location Cricket Ranch

Curvy Couture is my favorite lingerie brand for everyday bras and panties. I discovered the brand back in 2016 when we began working together. They introduced me to their tulip bra, limited edition corsets, and this year they re-invented the bralette. Owning a white crochet bralette was a long dream of mine, but I could never find anything in 36G. Curvy Couture Intimates released that style in hot pink, black and white. Note that they all can become a part of your favorite low-cut dress and are the perfect style for that lingerie as outerwear look. I highly recommend this brand as they go from a size 32B through 46H for their bras and from a size 6 through 24 for their panties.

Curvy Couture Intimates also makes my favorite everyday panties of all time. They fit my shape perfectly and never irritate the bikini line. They offer one of the broadest lingerie range covering, petite, regular, full bust and plus size needs.

Ashley Graham Lingerie:

full bust lingerie

Photo by Heidi Calvert

I discovered Ashley Graham three years ago. That's when she made history by becoming the first plus-size supermodel to make the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. I was immediately smitten by her badass lingerie collection that caters to the plus size woman with larger breasts. Her caged bodysuit is my all time favorite, and it has indeed become a staple in my wardrobe. I have worn it underneath dresses, with pants, pencil skirts and it looks smashing every time.

When I wear Ashley Graham lingerie, I feel empowered because I am wearing something that fits my curves and my personality. I have tried on over five styles from her line, and they all fit beautifully. I highly recommend this lingerie brand. And I feel it has already become a core brand for plus size women who want to feel empowered and confident.

Curvy Kate:

full bust lingerie

Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography

I discovered this brand back in 2013 when I entered their Star in a Bra contest for North America. Their Princess set has always been a favorite, even if I still wish there was a high waist version of the panty. A longtime fan and supporter, I have enjoyed seeing this brand expand with the Scantilly range because it is an excellent option for women who want to channel their fierce side. They also offer a variety of sizes, and they remain a brand that I will continue to wear over time.


full bust lingerie

Special mention to Trashy Diva for always creating robes and clothing that are full bust and plus size friendly!
Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography

I discovered the Etta set by Panache last fall, and I immediately fell in love with it.  This set feels elegant, chic and I can breathe in it. I also have it in purple, navy and black as it is a definite staple. This one is my favorite style by Panache so far but currently discontinued, so I cherish the sets I already own.


full bust lingerie

Photo by Micaela Colman

Growing up in France I have known of Empreinte since I was a teenager, but I never really wore it. Then Glamuse Lingerie recently sent me this set, and I fell in love with it. I received my usual 36G size, which feels pretty roomy as their bras as generously cut. I love this bra and matching panties (not pictured here), but would like to try brighter colors from the range. Empreinte is a full bust lingerie must, and I highly recommend them.


full bust lingerie

Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography

Glamuse Lingerie let me try two bodysuits from this incredible lingerie brand. I was impressed by the construction and the glorious ornaments of each one. I did struggle to get into the bodysuit, and I feel like they are not suited for plus size women. But once I managed to get myself into the bodysuits, I especially loved the fit of the Neroli print. It felt like wearing a corseted bodysuit. I would love to discover more bra and panty sets in the future since their bodysuits didn't quite work.

Sans Complexe:

full bust lingerie

Photo by @portrait_madame

I discovered this French brand while grocery shopping at the mall in my hometown. I tried on a few styles that were a perfect fit and ended up buying more sets on their website, as they don't deliver outside of France. The brand has been around for 30 years, and I love it. My favorite pieces are their bodysuits, although they stop at a D cup. In this photo, I wear a 38D, and I make it work, but it's a tad too small. Another favorite from the brand is the Byzance which I find fully captures the vintage aesthetic. Note that you can also find this brand through that ships worldwide.

Do you wear any of these full bust lingerie brands? If so, which are your favorites?


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Featured photo: Harlow & Fox, Photograph by Mitzi Valenzuela

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Jenny Rieu is an LA-based model, Body Activist, Creative Director, and Style Columnist originally from Paris, France.

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