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The Breast Life Breast Briefs Now on Lingerie Briefs

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

I’m pleased to announce a new bi-weekly column on Lingerie Briefs, a fashion blog written by industry experts.

Founded by Ellen LewisLingerie Briefs provides consumers and industry insiders with the latest info on up and coming products and trends in the industry. I’ll be joining Ellen’s stellar roster of writers who offer their unique expertise and perspective on every facet of lingerie, including topics such as Literary Lingerie and Intimate Pleasures.

My The Breast Life Breast Briefs posts will focus on newsworthy items related to breast health. From today’s blog post on the necessity of sports bras (inspired by the recent launch of the Victoria’s Secret Push-up Sports Bra), to New York Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial plans to ban baby formula in state hospitals, you’ll find the latest and greatest breast news. All from The Breast Life viewpoint!

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Please visit and let me know what you think of my new Breast Briefs column. All the breast!

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Breast and bra expert, author, and founder of My latest book, The Bra Zone: How to Find Your Ideal Style, Size, and Support, busts common bra fitting myths and helps consumers navigate the confusing world of bra styles and sizes.
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