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The Essential Summer Lingerie Survival Guide: Full Bust Edition

  |   By Linzi Reardon

A heat wave has finally hit the UK. Whilst we are happy to feel the sun on our skin, enjoy a cold G&T outside, and relish in actually leaving our umbrellas at home, it also comes with its less enjoyable issues, too. As a large bust, large thigh woman rising temperatures also mean boob sweat, chub rub, and the stress of finding outfits that work with my heavy-duty lingerie.

With that in mind, I’ve put together my “Summer Lingerie Survival” guide. These are my top picks for the items you need to see you through the warm weather.

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1. Let’s get nude!

Stay calm; I’m talking skin toned lingerie. Investing a bra and briefs close to your skin tone is an absolute must in summer. It will virtually vanish under light clothing, including white. Many people think a smooth t-shirt style is the only bra option here. But that won't work for everybody, so be prepared to look at other styles too.

summer lingerie

Elomi Mia Underwire Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 32-46, Cups DD-JJ
via Lazeme

summer lingerie

Freya Deco Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 28-38, Cups DD-GG
via Brastop

summer lingerie

Nubian Skin Fuller Bust Naked Bra
Available in 4 Skin Tones
Fits Bands 30-40, Cups DD-G
via Figleaves

2. Challenging Chafing.

You know the feeling; you’ve seen the forecast, put on your favorite summer dress and the minute you step outside you regret it because your thighs are getting a little too friendly with each other. And this results in painful chafing or “chub rub."

I’ve tried several pieces to help, and I find the most success with anti-chafe shorts. Lightweight and breathable, you can wear over or in place of your usual briefs. They will save your thighs this summer. I also highly rate the Ivyverdure anti-chafe stick. It’s a citrusy balm that you rub over any areas you feel are needed, and it relieves and prevents the pain. (I use it on my under-boob, and it works!)

summer lingerie

Anti Thigh Chafing Shorts
Available in 3 Colors
Fits Sizes UK 8-10 to UK 30-36
via The Big Tights Company
summer lingerie
Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts
Available in Multiple Colors
Fits Sizes B - G (1-2 to 24+)
via SnagTights

3. Strapless Stress.

One of the questions people ask me more than anything else is “What bra can I get for this dress?” And with it being the season of parties, weddings, vacations, it comes up even more. Strapless bras are super hard to get right, and it is vital that you get the correct size. So if you can, try to get fitted for one.

Once you take those shoulder straps away, you are dependant on the band doing its job. Invest in one of these styles that are proven to stand up to the task. It’s also essential to think about underwear before buying a dress. Don’t buy a strapless, backless, plunging dress and then expect to find a magical bra that will hold you in place. If you’re realistic, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress.

summer lingerie

Cleo Koko Multiway Strapless Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 30-38, Cups D-FF
via Belle Lingerie
summer lingerie
Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra
Available in Bands 28-40, UK Cups D-J
via Curvy Kate

summer lingerie

Wonderbra The Ultimate Strapless Bra
Available in Bands 30-38, Cups A-G
via Figleaves

4. Go Wireless.

You can't ignore the rise in popularity of wireless styles. In summer especially, many people choose to ditch the wires and opt for lighter, less restrictive styles. If you feel you don’t need the support of your trusty wired bra, then a bralette is a brilliant option. It can look super cool worn as outerwear at festivals or give your boobs a bit of freedom whilst chilling at home.

summer lingerie

Eva Bralette Yellow
Available in Bands 30-48, Cups DD/E/F to FF/G
via Tutti Rouge

summer lingerie

Savage x Fenty Plus Size Logo Bralette
Available in Sizes XL - XXXL
via ASOS

summer lingerie

Curvy Kate Unwind Black Bralette
Available in Bands 30-40, with Cups DD/E-J/JJ
Via Curvy Kate

5. Be Bright!

Summer is the PERFECT time to treat yourself to bright, bold lingerie. Whether you show it off under strappy tops or just let it be your sunny secret, a colorful lingerie set can lift your mood and get you in the mood for the sunshine. These are my favorite styles this summer.

summer lingerie

Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 34-42, Cups G-JJ
via Brastop

summer lingerie

Curvy Kate Lemonade Print Bra
Available in 30-44, UK Cups D-K
via Curvy Kate
summer lingerie
Freya Lime Light Green Half Cup Bra
Available in Bands 28-30, Cups D-H
via Leia

6. Focus on Fabric.

A lot of people automatically reach for cotton in summer, but there are other fabrics to consider that may be better. Natural fibers are perfect for breathability think silk, bamboo or plant-derived synthetics such as Viscose. They tend to not “hold onto” moisture like cotton does, which is much healthier for your genitals in the heat. Plus I find bamboo, in particular, is comfy as heck! When it comes to bras, you may find “spacer” fabric helps keep you cool and stops moisture from pooling under the breasts.

Are you looking for more summer inspiration? Find my swimwear guide here.

I’d love to know about your summer lingerie hacks or survival tips. If you have a sure-fire way to prevent boob sweat or the perfect briefs that keep you cool in the heat, please share in comments!

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