post-surgery bras

Stylish Post-Surgery Bras to Wear During Healing

  |   By Estelle Puleston

From mastectomies and lumpectomies to breast lifts and cosmetic implants, there are various types of breast surgery. They do all have one thing in common, however. You’ll need to shop for new bras afterward.

Later down the line, once you’ve healed, you may have a new bra size. Maybe you’ll need to shop for bras designed to wear with a prosthesis. But in the immediate aftermath of your surgery, you’ll need what’s called a post-surgery bra.

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These usually provide compression to control swelling. If you’ve had implants, the compression also helps keep them in place until you’ve healed. They’re soft and wireless too, to avoid irritating incision sites. And they are usually front-fastening, since you may have limited arm mobility.

Post-surgery bras are also, generally speaking, rather drab! Some are merely boring and beige; others go so far as to resemble bulletproof vests. But things are gradually changing.

Healing well is your number one priority of course. But it’s nice to look good while you do it, right? Especially since you may need to wear a post-surgery bra for a few months. To help you feel as fabulous as possible, below are 12 stylish options.

It’s important to note that not all post-surgery bras are equal. Features and compression levels vary. So before making any purchases, speak to your doctor to find out what type of bra your circumstances require.

post-surgical bras

Golden Femme Fatale Butterfly Bra
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Brilliant Contours

This compression vest comes in lots of fun fabrics, from floral to camouflage to holographic silver. It has front-adjustable straps and a soft lining behind the zipper.

post-surgery bras
Marla Hope Bra
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Marla Hope

Although more of a traditional, plain design, this one is available in pink which is unusual. It’s soft, mostly seamless and ends low on the ribcage to avoid irritating surgery scars.

post surgery bras

Luxe Bra
Available in sizes 32B-38C
via Embody Paris

This is just one of a few stylish post-op bras that this brand offers. Some styles have a more glam vibe; others are sportier. They’re approved as medical devices and have an easy-to-use magnet front fastening.

post-surgery bras

Firm Control Softcup Bra
Available in sizes 32B-42B
via Anette

The satin jacquard animal print adds a touch of style that most post-surgery bras are lacking. It has internal reinforcement to keep your bust centered, and front hook-and-eye closure. It also comes in black.

post-surgery bras

Green Floral Print Surgical Support Snap Bra
Available in sizes S-L
via Karlee Smith

Alongside black, white and grey, there are some chic prints to choose from for this compression bra. Offering moderate support, they’re intended for wear beginning 2-4 weeks after surgery.

post-surgery bras

The First Love Bra
Available in sizes 30D-38D
via Ipomia

Now here’s a design that really doesn’t look like a post-surgery bra. Made of breathable bamboo and lace, with a plunging neckline.

This one is unique in that it has been designed exclusively with augmentations in mind. And the brand is founded by a team of both plastic surgeons and women who’ve undergone breast surgery. They claim you can wear it right from the day after your op. However, it is not front fastening. So you may need some help getting into it!

post-surgery bras

SC-415 Sculptures Lace Surgical Bra
Available in sizes XS-2XL
via Contemporary Design Inc

Although it only comes in black or beige, what sets this post-surgery bra apart is the pretty lace. It’s intended for use following a breast augmentation, reconstruction or natural fat transfer. It’s front-fastening and has front-adjustable straps.

post-surgery bras

Nina Bra
Available in sizes S-3XL (or larger for an additional fee)
via Criss Cross Intimates

This post-surgery bra comes in the standard black, white or beige, but also some fun colors. The straps are made from decorative elastic too. It has an easy, wrap over fastening held in place by magnets and Velcro. There are detachable loops to hold drainage tubes during the initial days or weeks. For plus sizes, see the Grace bra.

post surgery bras

PI Unique Comfort Bra
Available in sizes 30A-40D
via Lipoelastic

Don’t let your breast surgery stop you from keeping fit! This chic, athletic bra is designed for the second stage of healing. It’s a compression bra with front zip closure and front strap adjusters. Black and white are available, but it made the list thanks to this fab hot pink option.

post-surgery bras

BB Seamless Cup Strapless Bra
Available in sizes 32A-44E
via Marena Group

Okay, this one is perhaps not super stylish. But it is strapless! With most post-surgery bras having ultra-bulky straps, I thought this one worth a shout-out. Recovering from breast surgery and wearing strapless dresses can be compatible. It has moderate compression and a built-in implant stabilizer.

post-surgery bras

Sport NL100 Bra
Available in Enell sizes 00-8
via Enell

Although it’s sold as a sports bra, this design is not dissimilar to a post-surgery bra. It provides compression and is front fastening. Available in various prints and colors, it notably fits up to a 60” bust.

post-surgery bras

Frances Blue Python Non-Wired Front-Closure Bra
Available in sizes XS-2XL
via Amoena

This breathable, 90% cotton bra is front-fastening and soft enough to wear during healing. But it’s also pocketed. So you can keep wearing it once you get your breast form(s) following a mastectomy.

All of the bras on this list come in other colors or prints than shown above. Do click through to see more if there’s a style you like!

What do you think of post-surgery bra options? Is there still room for improvement?

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