Stylish Nursing Clothes Kate Middleton Would Wear

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Kate Middleton made every new mother proud when she presented both her baby and her postpartum bump to adoring crowds. Everyone assumed Middleton would wear fashionable maternity clothes during her pregnancy.

But who knew she would expose a still full, post-pregnant figure to the masses? Expectant celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, are under media scrutiny to gain a tiny amount of weight --- and only in their bellies. Body shaming high-profile pregnant women isn't unusual. New mommy fashionistas everywhere also know that extra pounds added over a nine month period can migrate to thighs, upper arms, and yes, most definitely to their breasts.

My three pregnancies resulted in very different weight gains. I carried my first in my boobs, with my chest competing for attention with a growing stomach. I added most of my weight to my thighs and butt with my second child and only daughter. And with my third (the pregnancy in which I put on the fewest pounds, probably due to chasing around two toddlers), the baby was all low and up front. I held on to my nursing bras between kids, but my tops and dresses disappeared, on loan to other expectant girlfriends. Buying trendy new maternity clothes with each pregnancy was easy to justify. These wardrobes were well-worn both before and after each baby's birth.

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nursing clothes

Rachel Colorblock Nursing Dress

When Kate Middleton was photographed in a cute maternity and nursing dress, the media speculated she must be breastfeeding the royal baby. Most maternity fashions are made to be worn pre- and post-baby. Clothing designers understand the unpredictability of body and boob changes and adapt styles to meet a new mother's needs. Shirts are cut extra long in the torso, include three-quarter sleeves for arm coverage, or add ruching to camouflage altered fronts. Almost all feature hidden panels that make it easier to nurse baby discretely. You can find casual tops, tailored dresses, or flowing maxi-length gowns. These nursing clothes look like what you'd see in most current fashion magazines.

nursing clothes

Nicole Chiffon Nursing Top

I'm sure Kate Middleton's castle staff will be instrumental in helping her rest, recover, and find time to get back into her former pre-baby shape. If you don't have that type of support, don't stress out about your changing body. There's no need to feel the pressure when you can dress in fashionable maternity and nursing clothes during your baby journey. The choices are endless and affordable.

August is National Breastfeeding Month, and you'll find special discounts and sales from many maternity clothing retailers. The nursing clothes in this post are all from Figure 8 Maternity. You can take $15 off for every $100 you spend on bras, clothing or accessories just by entering coupon code 15off2013-8.

What about you? Have you ever purchased stylish nursing clothes? Do you have some favorite designers? Or did you get through it all by wearing your regular clothes?

Image credit: Japanese Weekend Twist Nursing Dress from Figure 8 Maternity


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