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13 Gorgeous Small Band Full Bust Bra Brands, Amended

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

NOTE: Amending this post from yesterday to include one more fabulous small band full bust lingerie brand!

Today's post is in response to a reader's search for more beautiful small band full bust bra options. 

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While it hasn't always been true, there's now plenty of competition in this niche lingerie category. I've watched it evolve and grow over the past decade. And a few labels have come and gone in that time, but there are still plenty of brands vying for a bigger share of this market. 

It was easy to put this list together because there's more available in this category than ever before. There's even a broader spectrum of choices; from small indies to bigger corporations, and casual to luxury designs.

What qualifies as a small band? That depends, of course, on both the manufacturer and the wearer. Bra brands all have different size and fit standards.

For this post, I choose companies with bands starting at 26 or 28 (see international sizing chart) or those taking custom orders in smaller sizes. Plenty of other full bust labels starting at 30-inches may also work for you---thanks to sister sizing. Cup sizes also vary, with some starting at DD or going up to J or N. Most brands ship internationally, and you can order direct from their websites.

Here are 13 14 gorgeous small band full bust bra brands, listed in alphabetical order, that reflect a range of personal lingerie styles:

Adina Reay. One of the newer small band full cup luxury lingerie brands, this UK-based designer brings a sophisticated and fresh perspective to the market.

 Lou Porto
Available in Bands 28-36, Cups DD-G
via Adina Reay

Sam Limoncello
Available in Bands 28-36, Cups DD-G
via Adina Reay

Avocado. Hand made in Poland; this designer lingerie is exquisitely crafted and features beautiful detailing.

small band full bust

Available in Bands EU 60-95, Cups D-L
via Avocado Lingerie

Bravissimo. This UK retailer specializes in full bust lingerie, swimwear, and clothing options. Look for more brands on their website, along with their label.

small band full bust

Satine Bra
Available in 4 Colors and Fitting Bands 28-40, Cups A-J
via Bravissimo
small band full bust
Hattie Bra
Available in Bands 28-40, Cups D-K
via Bravissimo

Buttress & Snatch. We've featured many of the designs from this retro lingerie and swim indie UK brand. Because they are small and all pieces are custom made, you can expect individual attention to your order.

small band full bust

Curvy Emilie Bra
Available in Bands 28-42, Cups A-H
via Buttress & Snatch

Comexin.This Polish brand has been in the lingerie business since 2004. They also have gorgeous swimwear for fuller busts.

small band full bust

Victoria Biustonosz
Available in EU Bands 60-95, Cups A-J
via Comexin

Curvy Kate and Scantilly. Another UK brand with a variety of lingerie options, including a more sexy/racy line (Scantilly), babydolls, and swimwear.

small band full bust

Ellace Balcony Bra
Available in 4 Colors, Fitting Bands 28-44, Cups D-K
via Figleaves

Ewa Michalak.  What I like about Ewa Michalak is their willingness to show a variety of models in their advertisements. They not only feature different body types but ages---which is hard to find in the mainstream lingerie industry. This Polish brand also has a reputation for welcoming custom orders.

small band full bust

Bra BM Bibi beżowa Perła
Available in Bands EU 60-100, Cups D-K
via Ewa Michalak

Freya. Freya is one of many lines that are part of Wacoal's global lingerie empire. They offer a range of styles, including sports and swimwear. You'll find them in boutiques and large stores, as well as on many eCommerce clothing and lingerie websites.

small band full bust

Freya Paradise Underwire Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 28-38, Cups D-G
via Figleaves

KH Intimates. This newer small luxury lingerie brand put the focus on proper underwire design for small band fuller bust bodies and also offers custom bespoke tailoring.

small band full bust

Louise Bra
Available in Bands 26-36, Cups D-HH
via Katherine Hamilton Intimates

Mimi Holliday. You might not think of Mimi Holliday when it comes to deeper cup bra designs. But they have a several starting at bands 28 or 30 and that go up to a UK GG cup.

small bust full cup

Tilt-a-Whirl Maxi Bra
Available in Bands 28-36, Cups DD-GG
via Mimi Holliday

Panache. This brand has been fitting the full bust and plus size intimate apparel market for some 30 years. They've got separate sports, swim, and even maternity collections. Many major department stores and eRetailers carry Panache, making them easy to find.

small band full bust

Cleo Piper Longline Balconette
Available in Bands 28-38, Cups D-J
via Panache
small band full bust
 Jasmine Balconette Bra
Available in 6 Colors, Fitting Bands 28-38, Cups D-K
via HerRoom
small band full bust
Panache Black Etta
Available in Bands 28-38, Cups D-G
via Panache

Playful Promises. Here's another London-based brand with a vintage or retro style twist. But that's not all they have to offer. Don't miss all their collections, including their embellished bodysuits.

small band full bust

Portia Vintage Stitch Teal Bra
Available in Bands 28-36, Cups DD-G
via Playful Promises

small band full bust

Cordelia Red Lace Overlay Bra
Available in Bands 28-36, Cups DD-G
via Playful Promises

Samanta. This Polish brand has three different collections that cover all lingerie need: from every day to bridal sets.

small band full bust

Ollanta Bra
Available in 3 Colors, EU Bands 60-90, Cups D-I
via Samanta

Tutti Rouge. They've only been around since 2013, but this UK brand is working hard to fill a niche in the full-bust market for bright, playful and frilly lingerie.

small band full bust

Nichole Bra Cobalt/Noir
Available in Bands 28-38, Cups D-HH
via Tutti Rouge

Which of these small band full bust lingerie brands do you like best? Would you wear any of these bras?

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