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Small Band Bras: Where to Find 22, 24, 26, & 28 Sizes

  |   By Estelle Puleston

Growing up, I thought 32 was the smallest band size because I never saw anything smaller. At least outside of the ‘teen bra’ department, there were zero small band bras. However, thanks to pressure from customers, brands are expanding their size ranges upwards and downwards. I wear a 30 band, and I no longer struggle to find bras that fit me. Even at large chain retailers, I've got options.

If you need something smaller still, though, you can find yourself with a lengthy hunt on your hands. Sub-30 band sizes are out there, but they’re certainly not common. So I put together a list to help you find them.

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Whether you’re small-busted, full-busted, or somewhere in between, there’s something below for you:

small band bras

Adela Semi Soft Bra
Available in EU sizes 55F-110L (US 26F-48L)
via Nazeli

small band bras

Clio Bra
Available in sizes 26A-36I
via Lara Intimates

small band bras

Eden Floral Embroidered Coral Bra
Available in sizes 26DD-36F
via Katherine Hamilton

Brands making 26 + band sizes

Helen Kukovski – bralettes and underwired bras, in cup sizes starting at an A. Note though that not all bras are available in all cup sizes, or 26 and 28 bands.

Katherine Hamilton – luxury underwired bras, in cup sizes starting at a D.

Lara Intimates – non-wired bras, in cup sizes starting at an A, and continuing into full-bust sizes.

Nazeli – mainly underwired bras, in cup sizes A through to full-bust sizing. Note that the website is only available in Polish.

TOMgirl Apparel – molded, wire-free bras that begin at a D cup in 26 bands and a C cup in 28 bands. They also have Velcro back fastenings for added adjustability.

small band bras

Anoushka Strappy Plunge Bra
Available in sizes 28C-36DD
via Boux Avenue

Expression Plunge Bra
Available in sizes 28D-38H
via Freya

Ruby Karolina Lace Soft Cup Demi Bra by Annmarie Kahn Lingerie
Available in sizes 28AAA-38G
via Etsy

Brands making 28 + band sizes

Adina Reay – a luxury full-bust brand, with cup sizing starting at a DD.

All for Me – a design-your-own (molded cup) bra service, with cup sizes running from a Japanese AAA to J. Note that the website is only available in Japanese.

Annmarie Kahn Lingerie – handmade bras and bralettes. Only the underwired bras are sold by cup sizing, which notably runs from a AAA to a US G.

ASOS – the own-brand range by this well-known retailer offers full bust sizes only on a 28 band. The cup sizes include UK DD through H.

Avocado – a higher-end brand focusing on unlined, underwired bras. Cup sizing begins from a C, but from a D in 28 bands.

Boux Avenue – mainly underwired bras, in cup sizes starting at an A and ending at a G.

Bravissimo – a full-bust brand offering UK cup sizes D through K.

Change – a variety of bra styles, in cup sizes starting at a B in a 28 band.

Comexim – lined and unlined bras in cup sizes starting at a D in the 28 band sizes.

Curvy Kate – a full-bust brand that primarily offers underwired bras. Cup sizes start at a D and end at a UK K.

Ewa Michalak – underwired, molded bras. Cup sizes start at an A and continue into full-bust sizing.

Freya – underwired bras, in molded and unlined styles. Cup sizes start at a B and end at a UK K cup.

Impish Lee – another design-your-own lingerie service offering bralettes and unlined, underwired bras. Cup sizing covers US A to J as standard, with custom sizing also available.

Miss Mandalay – a full-bust brand offering UK cup sizes E to H on their 28 band bras. Plus bikinis in a 28 D-H!

Panache – a full-bust brand offering wired and unwired styles. Cup sizing runs from a UK D to K.

Samanta – a mid-priced brand focusing on underwired bras. A small number are available in a 28 band size, from a DD/E cup or larger. Additionally, the website is only available in Polish.

The Little Bra Company – molded-cup bras in cup sizes A through C.

Moonlight Bralette
Available in sizes 24AA-42GG
via Ellicelydia

Bonus! Need an even smaller band size?

Ellicelydia – bralettes and a few underwired bras, all available from either band size 22 or 24. Cup sizing is extensive too, covering UK AA to H. (The largest size is labeled as a GG, but there is an extra EE size which doesn’t usually exist. So definitely check the size guide or count up from an E cup to find your size.)

Wish you had more options?

Can’t see anything above that you like? One tip I have for you is to read reviews to see which bras or brands come up tight in the band. Sometimes, what has a label of 30 fits more like a 28.

Another solution is the Rixie Clip. It’s the opposite of a bra extender. Available in black, white, and beige, you can use it to shorten a bra band temporarily.

And of course, if you’ve got the budget for it, you could consider a made-to-measure bra.

Have another very-small-band-size brand to share? Let readers know about it in the comments below!

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