Simple Wishes Review: Breast Pumping Made Easier

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

It’s that time of year, and I’m squeezing extra errands into my regular workday to meet the demands of the holiday season.

Cards need to be written (okay, maybe that won’t happen, but it’s the thought that counts), presents bought, and gifts wrapped. I’ve got more time since my kids are now grown. But when they were babes and tied to my breast, I juggled more than work, family, and social schedules. My boobs were on call 24/7. Pop star Pink summed it up nicely when she said this about her new mommy role:

"As long as my boobs are at home at a certain hour, I can do whatever I want."

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What lightens up a nursing mom’s load? Using a breast pump. They’re not comfy or much fun, but they do keep up the milk supply when you can’t be there in person. Today’s breast pumps are more efficient and quieter than in my day, but the process isn’t any less awkward or…let’s face it…boring. There’s not much to do but watch it mechanically tug on and release those precious bodily fluids.

New products can make these pumping moments more productive. The Simple Wishes Bustierfrees up your hands while your boobs keep on working. Breast Life product tester Marina, a part-time acupuncturist and mother to one year old Teddy, was eager to try out the Bustier. As she put it, “these days, my breasts sometimes feel like the property of Teddy.” The Simple Wisheslooked a little complicated at first, but Marina soon found that the front zippers and Velcro back closure made it 'simple' to keep her pump in place. Here’s Marina’s review:

This product is an essential for any pumping mom; my only regret is that I didn't have it sooner. It is comfortable, easily adjustable, and keeps everything right where you want it. It's easy to use, too. I haven't tried other similar products but this one is great.

Optional straps allow you to wear it alone, or with a nursing bra. Simple Wishes is available in two colors and is sized XS/S/M and L/XL/XXL, fitting band sizes from 30 to 48 and cup sizes from AA to J. Priced at $39, it’s money well spent if it helps you complete other tasks. (Breast Life readers can enter Coupon Code TBL10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount.) Go ahead and write those notes or emails, plan a menu, and wrap a package. Or you could take a page from Marina’s playbook. Simple Wishes gave her the freedom to read or knit. That makes for Happy Holidays!

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