Self-Care Made Easy With Intimate Apparel

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Self-care can be tough. It's only possible for me if I find time to unplug from work for a few days or can take a relaxing vacation.

Self-care also seems unreasonable during the holiday season. After all, it's about "giving" to others. Yes, it's great connecting with people and going out to parties. But I get all bloated from indulging in too many alcoholic drinks and delicious treats. Then there's the stress over picking out the right gift or going over budget. I'm exhausted from all the extra tasks that need accomplishing. Plus I'm not sleeping well because I'm off my regular exercise and sleep schedule.

December may not seem like the ideal time to indulge in some self-care. But it can be---especially if you turn to lingerie to put you in the mood. We're not talking about creating sexy-time so much as you-time (although one can overlap with the other which is fine, too).

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Here are five ways to give a little back to yourself during the hectic holidays:

Slip Into Loungewear or Soft PJs. Sometimes you just gotta spend a whole day in your jammies. Thankfully, there are loads of inexpensive and cute sets to wear when you want to lay low. Check out these easy-to-wear ensembles you can lounge around in at home while wrapping presents, addressing holiday cards, or paying the bills. Choose something with a drawstring or elastic waist for maximum comfort.


Super Soft and Comfy Pajama Pants
Available in 4 Colors and Sizes Large-6X
Retail Price: $32.95
via Hips & Curves
Cosabella Longsleeve Pant Pajama Set
Available in 8 Colors, Sizes P-XL
Retail Price $138.50
via Cosabella
 Belle Epoque Lace Bust Camisole w/Silk Tie Pants
Avaialble in 2 Colors, Sizes S/M and M/L
Retail Price $170
via Fleur't
Bliss Pajamas 
Available in 3 Colors, Sizes S-3X
Retail Price $82
via Tia Lyn

Wrap Up In a Robe. It's the first thing I put on in the morning or when I get out of the shower. Owning more than one means you're serious about indulging in small pleasures. There's also a wide range of materials to choose from in this category, from sultry satin to heavy fleece. It's all about what you like next to your skin. Short, mid-calf, or full-length, it's your call! Plus, anything you can do in PJs, you can get done in a robe. (Off topic, but why is this model wearing high heels?)


Nicole Satin and Lace Robe
Available in Sizes S-XL
Retail Price: $39
via Frederick's of Hollywood
Kimono Riley Palm Sheer Silk Robe
Available in Sizes S-L
Retail Price $150
via Dear Bowie
Betsy Johnson Glamour Short Robe
Available in 2 Colors, Sizes S-L
Retail Price $78
via Nordstrom
Barefoot Dream Cozy Chic Robe
Available in 8 Colors, Sizes 1-3
Retail Price $99
via Nordstrom
UGG Braelyn Fleece Robe
Fits Sizes XS-XL
Retail Price $88
via Nordstrom
Ralph Lauren Quilted Collar Robe
Available in 3 Colors, Sizes XS-XL
Retail Price $69
via Nordstrom
Julianna Rae Il Cieli Spa Robe
Available in 4 Colors, Sizes XS-XXL
Retail Price $255
via Julianna Rae

Reach for Eye and Sleep Masks. Studies show that a good night's rest is critical to health and happiness. And sometimes the only way to do that is to shut out the world or take a daytime nap. These naughty or nice and totally practical sleep masks guarantee you'll catch up on beauty sleep.

self-careNighty-Nighty Red Lips Eye Mask
Retail Price $20
via Fleur't with Me
Cheyenne Fuck Off Eye Mask
Retail Price $28.99
via KissKill
Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask
Retail Price $35
via Nordstrom

Get Out the Lingerie Wash. Nope. I'm not crazy. Washing my bra has a lot to do with self-care. You're probably thinking: "but it's hard enough to do ordinary laundry much less hand wash delicates at this time of year!" I thought the same thing until I discovered the simplicity of no-rinse lingerie wash products. All you need is 10 tp 15 minutes (the time it takes to bake a batch of cookies) and, voila! Great smelling bras or other lingerie. Plus they leave your bathroom smelling heavenly! The hardest part is deciding which scent you like best.


Soak Wash
Retail Price 12oz Bottle $16
via Soak

Put on Your Best Bra. The best self-care you can indulge in is wearing a bra that you love, and that loves you back. Even if you don't have time to go lingerie shopping right now, you can strap on the one bra that makes you feel your best.  If everything you own is worn out, then it's good to add "buy new bras" to your New Year's resolutions. There are hundreds of styles from which to choose. To make it easy, you can start by checking out The Breast Life Store. Not sure about your size? Luckily, I wrote a book that will help you through your bra-buying journey.

What about you? Do you think about self-care? Will you find any time for yourself this holiday season?

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