Review of The Lingerie Selection, Summer 2019 Edition

  |   By Wen CGNB

Lingerie market week is one of the most exciting of the year for lingerie addicts. Through trade shows, we get to discover the most recent innovations. But it's also an excellent way to connect with other passionate people and talk about intimates for four or five full days. While the well-known Curve NY show has been around for years, there is a smaller, more exclusive, trade show featuring smaller brands: The Lingerie Selection.

The Lingerie Selection features amazing independent designers such as Violet & Wren, The Giving Bride, Evgenia, Nevaeh, Loulette, Nubian Skin, and Edge O' Beyond. If you follow any of them on Instagram, you probably already know what kind of magic these designers are creating. However, in-person, everything feels more decadent.

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Today I'm sharing with readers my photos and review of The Lingerie Selection, held in early August 2019.

Review of The Lingerie Selection

Edge O’ Beyond

The first booth I visited was Edge O’ beyond. The UK brand is known for its beautiful illusion mesh and jewelry-inspired lingerie. Edge O' Beyond has created sizing going from a size 1 to 7 in most of their bras. They recently perfected their fit to introduce a size 8, equivalent to a 30G-30G-32FF-34F-36E. This sizing system works thanks to adjustable straps at the back of their products. The brand has some seriously gorgeous embroidery and tulle going on, and after trying one of their bras, I can tell the new fit is beautiful too.

review of The Lingerie Selection

Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin has been known for some years now for popularizing the "nude for all" trend. The brand currently has four shades of brown lingerie meant to suit most women of color complexions. The Plumettis collection is now available on their website and features a new full-bust bra (up to a 38G), a bra-sized bodysuit (also up to a 38G), a bralette, and beautiful mesh trousers. Another exciting release is the reversible swim collection, made of smooth Italian stretch fabric. Each swimwear piece comes in two shades of brown either "Café au lait/Caramel" or "Cinnamon/Berry."

review of The Lingerie Selection

Loulette Lingerie

Loulette is a New York independent designer that creates delicate luxury loungewear. Her new collection is meant to exude calm and peace with light blue, white pieces, and delicate fringes that make you want to twirl around and celebrate yourself. Everything is designed and produced in New York City, and the attention to detail is lovely.

Evgenia Lingerie


Evgenia's particular aesthetic is inspired by vintage lingerie. The brand is known for its insertion lace applique and its signature french lace with star embroidery. Their upcoming collection is composed of a few monochromatic pieces, aligned with the vintage spirit of the brand and its yet modern vision: a bodysuit, a waist cincher, and a lingerie skirt. Three dreamy new additions to this timeless selection of lingerie.

Nevaeh Lingerie

Nevaeh Intimates

I discovered Nevaeh Intimates right before coming to The Lingerie Selection. The brand emphasizes the sensuality of their pieces but also has an approach to lingerie that is versatile, modern, and customizable. Handcuffs, robes, bodysuits, and slips are all a part of their collection. It's beautiful, fun and elegant. I can't wait for their website to open again.

Violet & Wren

Violet & Wren

If you want to live your most decadent hipster life, Violet & Wren is for you. I was so glad to finally seen pieces from the very fashion-forward loungewear brand at The Lingerie Selection. Their well-thought-out detailing is noticeable, and the color combinations are both cheerful and incredibly elegant. I fell in love with the brand again and am dying to wear their turbans and use their pillowcases. Of course, after buying some of their wonderful robes.

The Giving Bride

The Giving Bride

Last but not least, I got to see The Giving Bride booth. Maggie, the designer, is also the host of The Lingerie Selection. The NYC designer works with beautiful material such as silk, velvet, and French lace to produce timeless lingerie. I fell in love with this black velvet jacket lined on the inside with black silk and gorgeous silver lace.

In addition to creating luxury loungewear, The Giving Bride makes it their mission to working with charities. Ten percent of the profits from each purchase goes to their charity partner, to support the work they do. The Giving Bride is a slow fashion business, and all production is made ethically in New York.

The Lingerie Selection is a beautiful trade show at a human dimension where you can connect and understand the spirit of each designer in a friendly and warm atmosphere. I recommend it, especially if Curve or the Salon de la Lingerie feel a bit overwhelming.

Which of the pieces in this review of The Lingerie Selection would you wear? 


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