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5 Ways to Refresh Your Bra Drawer, Plus Giveaway

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Welcome to the chaotic world of my underwear drawer! It got out-of-control the last few months, what with holiday craziness and last-minute travel.

January is a good time to reassess this bra and knicker mess. Dealing with bra drawer chaos is smart since it also gets me back in proper lingerie wear and care habits. So how to begin to untangle mismatched bras and panties and figure out what I most need?

It's overwhelming, especially when you add in the hassles of bra fitting and shopping. So I put together some simple tips today, along with links to related blog posts, to reorganize your lingerie life (assuming it's as imperfect as mine).

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To help you renew your bra wardrobe, we're also giving away three signed copies of The Bra Zone: How to Find Your Ideal Size, Style, and Support. To enter to win, just leave a comment below or follow us and comment on Facebook. Yep, it's that easy.

bra drawer

Getting some tips.

Here's are five ways to refresh your bra drawer: 

1. Take Inventory and Assess Damage. Take a good look at wear and tear and loss of elasticity on stretch lace cups and bands. How are the hooks holding up? When was the last time you adjusted bra straps or took in the band a notch? Finally, consider some essential bra accessories to improve the fit or extend the life of some pieces.

2. Toss Out and Recycle. You have to throw out the old to make way for the new. These decisions can be tough, so I put together a handy list of signs it's time to ditch old bras. Also, here are nine ways to recycle or donate gently used bras. Many women's shelters accept lingerie donations, too. You might look for a non-profit in your city that could use what no longer fits or works for you.

bra drawer

These beautiful but hardly worn bras are getting a new home!

3. Shop With Intention. Starting a new fitness routine? Spend time finding the right sports bra for athletic activities. Consider how often to wash your bras and how many you'll need to get through the week. Make a list of brands and styles you wear the most and stock up.

Maybe you have plenty of everyday bras but not enough panties to match. Look for knickers that complement the sets you love and wear most. Finally, learn how to match bra styles to your breast shape and fashion needs.

The bra industry is continuously updating and innovating, which can be frustrating if a favorite style is no longer available. Follow lingerie blogs or read books since they provide insight and ideas. Before you try anything on, keep in mind differences in sizing standards across brands and countries. Know the qualities of great bra fitters and how to buy lingerie online.

bra drawer

A few of the lingerie books I own....

4. Reorganize for Optimal Wear and Care. Look at this fantastic set I found in the back of my bra drawer!! Rotate bras at the beginning of your monthly cycle---when you're more aware of changes to your body. Keep bulky sports bras with athleisure wear. Try storing matching panties with bras since it helps gauge how often they're worn and need washing. Know these bra storage rules so that you won't crush or destroy particular styles and fabrics.

bra drawer

Time to enjoy this gorgeous Les Jupon de Tess set!

5. Stock up on Cleaning Supplies, Lingerie Bags, and Organizers. Back up your good intentions with the right supplies. Make sure any mesh lingerie bags are still useable, and you have the proper delicate wash. While you can purchase fancy closet organizers, there are lots of inexpensive ways to keep lingerie neat, tidy, and ready to wear.

Artsy Architette DIY Hanging Bra Organizer

Whew! I feel better already, having written this post. Now off to get my bra drawer back in shape.

If you want to learn more or need help finding or buying the ideal bra, please check out The Bra Zone. Enter to win one of three signed copies by leaving a comment below or here. Entries limited to U.S. and Canadian addresses only. We'll announce winners on January 10, 2017.

How does your bra drawer look? Is it in better shape or worse than mine? 

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