New Year's Resolution: Train Your Brain, Not Your Boobs

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Many of us turn to a New Year's resolution to motivate us to improve our health, career, or love life.

We think about changing our diet or exercising more, hiring a personal coach or counselor, or maybe spending a few sessions on a therapist’s couch. But the power to inspire also rests a little closer to your chest. I’m talking about the ability of a bra to train your brain to help you reach your life goals.

Here’s how a New Year's resolution to buy the right lingerie can improve your figure, work, or sexuality:

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This may be the year you decide to make a career move or stretch yourself and go for another position in your current company. You might dust off your resume, or buy some new clothes for job interviews or to impress higher ups. Begin instead with refreshing your lingerie wardrobe. A new bra can empower you from the inside out. It will (literally) help you stand taller, straighter, and hold your head up higher. Well fitting foundations give you that extra confidence and improve how you appear to yourself and others, whatever you wear over them.

New Year's resolutionMy basic business and power suit bra: Chantelle C Chic Plunge Bra
via HerRoom

Does your romantic life need some help? You may not be feeling it with your current partner, or want to take the initiative to start meeting new people and begin dating again. No need to wait for some magical spark before heading to the lingerie department for something that makes you feel sensual and alluring. You don’t need an excuse (i.e. a new romantic interest) to buy beautiful and sexy lingerie for yourself. You are worth it. And you honor, embrace, and enhance your own self-confidence and sexuality, whether single or partnered, with such acts of self-love.

New Year's resolutionBringing out my basic animal instincts:
Mimi Holliday Cheeky Minx Silk Chiffon Teddy
via Damaris

The most common New Year's resolution is one to begin a new diet or exercise routine. It starts with one of the first things you do every day. Putting on a great sports bra makes it easier to go outside for a walk, head to the gym, or join a new fitness class. You’ll also be able to work out longer and experience less pain when fully supported in any athletic activity.

New Year's ResolutionWhat keeps me running: Panache UnderWire Sports Bra
via HerRoom

I'll admit it. My well-worn bras aren't looking their best anymore. Most bras aren’t meant to last more than 6 months or a year, under normal circumstances. My one New Year's resolution won't be about replacing what's needed to support my boobs. I'm counting on my next lingerie purchase to help train my brain to support my life goals.

How about you? Has lingerie ever inspired or motivated you in some part of your life? Will you make a New Year's resolution to buy a new bra or other piece of lingerie?


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