Novelty Print Lingerie for Summer Fun

  |   By Holly Jackson

It’s no secret that I love novelty prints. I buy tons of crazy novelty print panties and collect vintage novelty print dresses. Novelty prints are way less difficult to incorporate into everyday life than you think. But I get that not everyone is ready for a full dress featuring Venetian gondolas (yes, I own two). Still,  everyone can embrace a little more novelty in their lives.

Today I’m featuring novelty print lingerie pieces that are easy to wear for summer, tons of fun, but also not insane. If you’re new to novelty prints, these pieces are a great way to dip your toe into the pool of both indie and mainstream designers doing fun stuff with unique prints.

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Galaxy Print Big Knickers by Knickerocker:

novelty print lingerie

Galaxy Lingerie Print Big Knickers
Available in Sizes S - XL
via Knickerocker

We can’t start this article without first mentioning Knickerocker, which is the mothership of novelty undies. In fact, the whole brand is built on novelty. This season has seen Knickerocker embrace unicorns but previous seasons have included junk food, animals, and rainbows. Her pieces are handmade, custom sizing is available, and each one is an excellent way to spice up your lingerie drawer with something cool or ridiculous.

Dreamland Skirt by She and Reverie:

novelty print lingerie

Dreamland Skirt/Dress
Available in Sizes XS - L
via She and Reverie

Quinne Myers wears many hats, including working as a textile designer and running a loungewear label. She and Reverie is made exactly in Quinne’s image: she focuses on fantastical prints, princess-worthy details, and comfortable fabrics. The brand specializes in this kind of skirt. You can wear it as a skirt, a dress or a bathing suit cover-up. What sets this piece apart is the fantastic print design featuring female centaurs frolicking on beaches. It has a hazy fairy tale feel but in a wearable and practical fabric.

Avery Astro Silk Pajamas by Dear Bowie:

novelty print lingerie

Avery Astro Silk Pyjamas 
Available in S - XL
via Dear Bowie

This zodiac themed pair of silk pajamas is sophisticated and sleek, mostly due to the smart range of colors used. It’s easy to associate novelty prints with crazy clown colors, but Dear Bowie proves that they can be muted and adult as well.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Allover Print Unlined Cami by Hanky Panky:

novelty print lingerie

Dylan's Candy Bar Allover Print Unlined Cami
Available in Sizes XS - L
via Hanky Panky

When you think of Hanky Panky, most people think of thongs. However, the brand has entered into some unexpected partnerships over the past few years with brands like Hello Kitty and Dylan’s Candy Bar. This candy print novelty collection is truly adorable, and part of it even comes in plus sizes! I hope this represents efforts to expand some of the less essential Hanky Panky pieces into plus sizing because their print designs are frequently some of the best in the business.

In Fur the Night Pajamas by Modcloth:

novelty print lingerie

In Fur the Night Pajamas 
Available in Sizes XS - 2X
via Modcloth

Yes, it’s an orange cat themed sleep set. Yes, it’s wearable and attractive. No, you don’t  have to tell anyone you bought it---your secret is safe with me.

Rex and Relaxation Nightgown by Modcloth:

novelty print lingerie

Rex and Relaxation Nightgown
Available in Sizes XS - 2X
via Modcloth

I have seen a surprising amount of dinosaur print lingerie around over the past three months or so! Is it a trend that I’ve missed? Either way, if you’re a dino lover (or a parent to someone who is), this piece is comfortable and on theme.

Popsicle Print Hipster Panty by Torrid:

Torrid has consistently great novelty print panties, which is why I now own panties with foxes and dogs on them. Their pieces are cute, the price is right, and they hold up forever.

Cherub Waspie Corset by Angela Friedman:

Cherub Waspie Corset
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via Angela Friedman

This adorable waspie reminds me of fine china! It would look great over white sundresses in the summer but also works as a fun bridal alternative piece.

F*** IT ALL knickers by Fairytales by Angela Friedman x Quinne Myers:

F*** IT ALL knickers- panties undies
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via Angela Friedman

When Angela debuted her Fairytales diffusion line, it wasn’t surprising to see that Quinne was designing some panel pieces for her new panties. I own this pair and love them. They’re perfect when you are having a terrible day and have to face the world anyway.

Woodstock Robe by Rya Collection:

novelty print lingeie

Woodstock Robe
Available in Sizes XS/S - M/L
via Rya Collection

Calling floral prints novelty is cheating a little, but I love the depth and vibrant colors that this embroidered robe uses. It has the same feel as bright, cheerful novelty prints combine with the luxe textural detailing of more standard lingerie pieces. If Rya Collection did plus sizes, I would have bought it already!

Do you enjoy wearing novelty print lingerie? Which of these would you wear? 

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