Nippies: More Zest for Your Breasts

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Searching for products that are good to “your girls?” Here’s a preview from one satisfied customer, who sought stylish and effective nipple coverage. Liv is a 34 year old, 36B, who dressed her breasts with Nippies:

It’s Valentine’s Day and I am at work, smiling to myself because I am not wearing a bra…instead I am wearing black, lacy, heart-shaped Nippies. They cover the nipple and gently lift with adhesive, making my boobs look really fun! I don’t have a boyfriend to show them off too so I take a picture with my Blackberry phone and text it to my friend Amy. Somebody has to see how beautiful my breasts look! Nippies stick great to my breasts and I don’t have to futz with them at all during the day. I wouldn’t run a marathon in them but for a day at the office it just adds a tactful sense of the mischievous. Today, Victoria doesn’t have the secret, I do. I highly recommend these for a special occasion or just to shake up a regular humdrum day. They are only good for a one-time use but being so pretty I decide to immortalize them and use them in a Valentine’s Day card I am making. They prettily decorate my red construction paper. Whether you’re looking for zest for your breast or heart for your art, you can’t go wrong with Nippies.

Nippies are available in two sizes (B and C) and a variety of colors, styles, and shapes. Best of all, they're only $10!

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