bra zone book giveaway

New Year, New Bra Zone Book Giveaway

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

The week between Christmas and New Year is my favorite time of year. 

It's the perfect time to get ready for 2018 by throwing or giving away what no longer serves me. While that may include bad habits, it also applies to some much-loved lingerie. Maybe you're like me, and hang on too long to some bras, because it's hard to find replacements. If so, you'll want to enter The Bra Zone book giveaway.

bra zone book giveaway

I wrote my book to help those who hate bra shopping. Let's face it; every bra wearer has worn one that's a pain. But there are far more bras on the market than ever before, including many new brands, across all sizes, and at every price. Plus, you can buy from anywhere in the world via the Internet, including from indie designers, and department and boutique stores.

bra zone bookgiveaway

You'll also learn why most women wear a "zone" of bra sizes, depending on the brand. There's a section to help you figure out which bras to toss out, tips for bra wear and care, bras hacks, and fixes, and where to recycle foundations. But don't take my word for it, read readers reviews here.

bra zone book giveaway

Who can use The Bra Zone:

  • Young girls unfamiliar with bra lingo and who think Victoria's Secret is the only bra brand available (hint: it's not);
  • New moms who need advice on nursing bras or post-baby bra shopping tips after breastfeeding;
  • Anyone considering plastic or undergoing reconstructive breast surgery;
  • Every day and weekend athletes who want supportive sports bras;
  • Post-menopausal women who have different bra needs than when they were younger;
  • Those who wish or need to wear a bra and find all the conflicting "rules" and advice confusing.

How to enter the Bra Zone book giveaway? Add a response to this post in the comments below---or follow me on Twitter or Instagram and tag #brazonegiveaway. You'll automatically be entered to win one of six copies. But hurry, I'll announce winners on Friday, January 5th so that you can get tossing and shopping ASAP. (Sorry, this offer only open to Canadian and U.S. residents.)

Happy New Year!!

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