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Best Bets for Fuller Busts: 16 New Spring Lingerie Pieces to Buy

  |   By Holly Jackson

When you work in the lingerie industry, it’s easy to feel like things get a little stale at the end of a season. You’ve been looking at and writing about the same bras all season, and you’re ready for something new. I was thrilled to see the new Spring lingerie releases start to trickle out early this winter. But now that Spring is here, and it's time to cover them!

This list covers both full bust and full-figured releases, all of which are perfect for the warm weather ahead. And they're guaranteed to add something worthwhile to your lingerie collection.

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Kayla Bra in Kasbah by Goddess:

spring lingerie

Goddess Kayla Banded Bra
Available in 7 Colors
Fits Bands 34-46, Cups D-N
via HerRoom

Lots of people are giving Elomi another look based on their designs over the past few seasons, but Goddess hasn’t benefitted from the same publicity wave. It is a shame because the once sedate plus-size brand has a whole new look. Goddess has undergone an equally dramatic design reinvention, taking their classic and supportive shapes and turning them into fashion pieces. This lovely Kasbah print is a great example.

Clara Contrast Underwire Bra by ASOS Fuller Bust:

spring lingerie

Clara Contrast Underwire Bra
Available in Bands 30-38, Cups DD-HH
via ASOS Fuller Bust

ASOS has quietly been getting experimental with their full bust line, from bralettes to this unusually shaped underwired bra. This style is the shape associated with smaller cup sizes, so it’s fun to see ASOS taking it out for a spin this season. If it’s as good as the rest of their line, it’s worth picking up to try.

Kelly Jungle Plunge Bra by Elomi:

spring lingerie

Elomi Kelly Underwire Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 32-46, Cups DD-JJ
via HerRoom

This bra was heavily marketed in my area for Mardi Gras but is an excellent addition to the Elomi Spring lineup. I love the bold print and the unusual colors, along with the super supportive plunge shape.

Josie Bra by Fantasie:

spring lingerie

Fantasie Josie Side Support Underwire Bra
Available in Bands 30-40, Cups D-H
via HerRoom

Fantasie bras are gorgeous, but their catalog photos don’t convey the details well. I have this bra, and it’s stunningly beautiful. The print is floral, intercut with graphic stripes that give the whole thing a modern look. If you get a chance to see it in person, do it---or order it and fall in love with it at home as I did.

Curvy Kate Victory Bra in Electric Blue:

Curvy Kate Victory Electric Blue Balcony Bra
Available in Bands 30-44, UK Cups D-K
via Curvy Kate

All of my boutique owner friends are raving about this bra. It looks good on everyone, has tons of support and has a less frilly look than a lot of bras on the market. This electric blue is the perfect superhero inspired color.

Dionne Full Cup Bra by Sculptresse:

Spring lingerie

Sculptress by Panache Dionne Full Cup Bra
Available in Bands 36-46, Cups DD-JJ
via HerRoom

The Sculptresse fashion bras have also quietly been getting bolder, with this season’s highlight being the Dionne. I’m still not entirely sold on this faux cutout look that seems to be prevalent in the full bust/plus-size market. But the graphic print and beautiful shape elevate this one beyond its counterparts.

White Lemon Microfiber Bralette by Torrid:

Spring lingerie

White Lemon Microfiber Bralette
Available in Sizes 00 - 6
via Torrid

I’ve seen lemon print underwear everywhere this month, but this cute bralette by Torrid makes good use of it. I love full bust bralettes for lounging and sleeping!

Veronica Bra by Adina Reay:

Spring lingerie

Veronica Embroidered Bra (Coming Soon)
Available in Bands 28-36, UK Cups DD-G
via Adina Reay

This bra isn’t out yet, but it’s insanely gorgeous and deserves to be a highlight of the full-bust luxury market. It is still an incredible niche market, so it’s nice to see some companies stepping up and bringing some diverse styles to it.

Millie Bra by Bravissimo:

Spring lingerie

Millie Balconette Bra
Available in Bands 30-38, Cups DD-K
via Bravissimo

This gorgeous lace bra combines lots of coverage with a sheer lace look which you don't often see in larger cups. Since it’s from Bravissimo, this is available up to a K cup and is a breath of fresh air for women in that size range.

Aimee Full Cup Bra by Fantasie:

Spring lingerie

Fantasie Aimee Underwire Full Cup Bra
Available in Bands 30-42, Cups D-H
via HerRoom

This brilliant combination of delicate animal print with champagne and gold tones is perfect for spring. It’s even managed to convert one original animal print hater: moi. If you want a bra that stands out, try this one.

Curvy Kate Princess Lemon Balcony Bra:

Spring lingerie

Curvy Kate Princess Lemon Balcony Bra
Available in 4 Colors
Fits Bands 30-44, Cups D-K
via Curvy Kate

It’s hard to remember when the Curvy Kate original styles burst onto the lingerie scene and changed it forever! I think their classic Princess bra deserves a second look, especially in this summery lemon shape combined with its beautiful dotted mesh.

Kim Plunge Bra in Pizzazz by Elomi:

Spring lingerie

Elomi Kim Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 34-46, Cups DD-J
via Bare Necessities

I’m adding this bra to the list because it was recommended me to by the head of Eveden fitting at an event this past weekend. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but it’s on my list for this season. There’s another colorway coming out soon as well, but I love how this one pops against the white background.

Curvy Strawberry Bra by Buttress & Snatch:

Spring lingerie

Curvy Strawberry Bra
Available in Bands 28-42, Cups A-H
via Buttress & Snatch

This is one of my all time favorite bras. Buy it and then thank me. It provides excellent shaping, has a fantastic print and a gorgeous lace top cup.

Chi Chi by Sculptresse in Summer Floral:

Spring lingerie

Sculptresse by Panache Chi Chi Full Cup Underwire Bra
Available in 6 Colors
Fits Bands 34-46, Cups D-HH
via HerRoom

Florals are overdone in both the full bust and plus-size categories, but this delicate version for spring works. I love the muted lace that goes with it and the vintage feel of the print.

Selina Bra by Bravissimo:

Spring lingerie

Selina Full Cup Bra
Available in Bands 30-40, Cups D-L
via Bravissimo

I get a lot of questions about where to buy bras that don’t have bows, ruffles or embroidery and clearly, Bravissimo does too. This Selina bra fits the bill. It’s a great smooth t-shirt bra with a little bit of an attitude. Even better, it goes up to an L cup.

Summer Underwired Bra in Brazilian Garden by Prima Donna:

Spring lingerie

Prima Donna Summer Vertical Balcony Bra
Available in Bands 30-42, Cups D-G
via Bare Necessities

I am so sad this bra does not come in my size because it is one of the most luxuriously beautiful pieces I have ever seen. I was happy I got to scope it out at an event last week. If you are lucky enough to fall into Prima Donna’s F through I cup range, you have no excuse not to grab this gorgeous piece of Spring lingerie.


Which bra set is your favorite on this list of full bust and full-figured Spring lingerie? 

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