My Sports Bra: Less pain, more gain.

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Did you know that over half of all women experience breast pain when exercising? Whether an A or J cup, studies show that a woman's breast tissue bounces in every direction when her body is in motion.  Wearing the right bra can help alleviate this discomfort and increase one's ability to get the most from a work out.

As a runner, I know I jog faster and further with proper support.  Plus, there's nothing more embarrassing then feeling the need to palm my own boobs when I'm hitting my stride outside!

One brand that helps me go the distance is the Lily of France In Action sports bra. I've worn this model for over a year and it's held "my girls' up with style and substance. The straps may not be adjustable, but I prefer less hardware poking through my racer back tanks and tees.  At $30, this little piece of athletic equipment is a much smarter investment than the ginormous elliptical trainer I bought and rarely used.

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Look for more bra reviews from readers, coming soon. If you've found a brand that keeps you active, please share!

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