15 Moisture-Wicking Sports Bras for Sweaty Workouts

  |   By Estelle Puleston

When shopping for sports bras, you’ll frequently come across two terms: "breathable" and "moisture-wicking." It’s important to know that these are different things.

Breathable fabric is one that lets air (and moisture) flow through. In a sports bra context, mesh materials are popular for obvious reasons. Breathable fabrics keep you cool so that you sweat less. And if you do sweat, they stop that moisture from getting trapped against your skin.

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Moisture-wicking fabric, on the other hand, doesn't just allow sweat through. It actively moves it away from your skin. These are modern, technical fabrics. They’re woven to have small holes on the inside and larger holes on the outer side. This pulls the moisture outwards, moving it rapidly away from the body.

Moisture-wicking fabrics, at least on the inside, are also made from non-absorbent fibers. Ones we typically think of as being unbreathable, such as polyester. It prevents sweat from hanging around in the fabric and making it feel damp. Instead, the moisture flows on through and evaporates into the air. So, just because a sports bra is polyester doesn’t mean it is going to leave you hot and bothered! Not if it’s a wicking one.

All good sports bras are designed to be breathable. But not all of them are moisture-wicking. During a high-intensity workout or in a hot environment (Bikram yoga, anyone?), no amount of mesh paneling will stop you sweating. But if you choose a moisture-wicking sports bra, at least you won’t notice it as much. Chafing brought on by soggy fabrics shouldn’t a problem. And when you’re through, you’ll dry off nice and quickly.

Here are 15 moisture-wicking sports bras, for different activities and a range of sizes:

Low Impact

For workouts such as yoga, Pilates, or tai chi. Best suited to those with smaller cup sizes.

moisture-wicking low impact sports bras

Indy Ruffle Bra
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Nike


UA 24/7 Sports Bralette
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Under Armour


Lace Racerback Low-Impact Wicking Sports Bra
Available in US sizes 0-28
via Cacique


Shift Sports Bra by LNDR
Available in sizes XS/S to M/L
via Nordstrom


Steeplechase Bra
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Outdoor Voices

Medium Impact

For sports such as cycling and skiing. Or, to provide a little extra support for full-busted people doing low-impact activities.


18 Hour Active Lifestyle Full Coverage Bra by Playtex
Available in sizes 36B-46DDD
via Amazon


Active Balance Underwire Bra by Le Mystère
Available in sizes 34DD-38DDD
via Dillard’s


P5541 Wire Sports Bra by Parfait Active
Available in sizes 30D-44G
via Linda’s


Medium Impact Wicking Sport Bra With Lace
Available in sizes 32A-40F
via Cacique

medium impact sports bras

Racerback Sports Bra
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Boodywear

High Impact

For maximum support and minimum bounce. Ideal for any intense, energetic sport such as running, dancing, or kickboxing.

high impact sports bras

Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra by Panache
Available in sizes 28DD-40GG
via Bare Necessities

high impact sports bras

Stronger For It 3-Stripes Bra
Available in sizes 32A-38DD
via Adidas

high impact sports bras

The Knockout Front-Close Sport Bra
Available in sizes 32B-40DD
via Victoria’s Secret

high impact sports bras

Momentum High Impact Underwire Sports Bra by Anita
Available in sizes 30C-40G
via Bare Necessities

high impact sports bras

Catalyst Sports Bra
Available in Knix sizes 1 – 8+ (covering 32A-42G)
via Knix

If you’ve tried sports bras that are moisture-wicking and ones that aren’t, have you noticed a difference?

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