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Loveday London Lingerie: Irresistible Hardcore Romance

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

On today's blog, I'm delighted to introduce you to Luisa Loveday and the Loveday London lingerie collection.

I met Luisa and was able to view the entire Loveday collection in person at one of the recent lingerie trade shows. I quickly fell in love with the luxury brand's fiercely feminine 'hardcore romance' lingerie aesthetic. The soft leather and French lace pieces can easily be worn in or out of the boudoir. You might keep racier ouvert and demi bras under wraps; but you'll make a fashion statement in their designer slips, lace skirts, and waist-synching suspender belts. These pieces are for daring and sharing.

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Obviously, I'm a big fan. I hope you also enjoy getting to know Loveday London.

How long has the brand been in business and what was the impetus for launch?

We are a luxury lingerie and boudoir brand specialising in leather and lace designs with a ‘Hardcore Romance’ aesthetic. Founded in 2014 by Luisa Loveday, the brand has its own retail website and has gone from strength to strength in wholesale sales, gaining Selfridges as a stockist from the offset and 50 further stockists worldwide.

Loveday London

Luisa Loveday

 What’s the lingerie niche you are trying to fill?

Our use of leather and lace and the way in which we merge the fabrics to create feminine yet striking pieces creates the Loveday London originality. As well as lingerie and boudoir accessories, we have also developed a range of artisan scented candles to sell alongside our seasonal collections of lingerie, loungewear and cushions. We are the only brand in its industry to offer this unique combination of product offering. 

When we began we saw the real struggle women face when understanding their back to cup ratios so one of the first things we did was invent and design patented adjustable straps, we offer bras in sizes Small, Medium and Large which signifies the bust size, the adjustable straps make then for the perfect fit for any back size. As we’ve evolved we have fine tuned the art of intricately designed lingerie and ready to wear and really recognise and incorporate the changing trends into our designs, thus our brand is fashion forward and can be styled as ready to wear or luxury lingerie.

Who is the ideal customer for your designs?

What unites the Loveday London customer is confidence. The confident men buying something special for their significant other, or the fashion forward woman embracing her body and femininity. 

 What’s been your greatest business challenge in establishing your brand?

There is always a lot of initial expense, trade shows, fabrics, more fabrics, extra lace etc. but we speculate to accumulate. We’ve had our most successful year yet so have high hopes for the brand.

Is there anything you find frustrating about the lingerie business of which the consumer seems to have no clue?

Perhaps the understanding of our retail prices. If we chose to we could produce our collections anywhere in the world, but by manufacturing here in the UK it allows us to ensure quality that is second to none and a closely monitored forward-thinking design development process. We know our machinists by name and have such an amazing relationship with our factory, which does come at a cost that not all consumers understand. 

Where do you want the brand to be in the next ten years?

We can’t say too much about stockists as our dream one may just come sooner than we’d ever thought but definitely to be in amazing stores and boutiques in every country in the world! (Here’s hoping!) We'd love our website to take a physical form in the next 10 years. We love interacting with our customers and as such a tactile brand we are right at home in the boudoir environment. 

What do you want customers to know about your brand?

Our pieces can be styled up as ready to wear, AW17 is all about soft cups to be worn with jeans and slips to be worn with tees, great straps for suit jackets and vests etc. We love and cherish every customer and want you to play with our designs & show us @loveday_london.

Here are a few images from the Loveday London collections:

Loveday London

Loveday London

 Loveday London

Loveday London

Loveday London Recap: 

Styles: Everything from everyday lingerie to playful ouvert, occasion bras, summer slip dresses to beach and boudoir gowns. Luxury fabric with a fashion feel.  

Bra Price Range:  $150 to $210

Sizing:  S/M/L Patented adjustable straps for perfect fit.

Where to buy:,, 

What do you think of Loveday London? Which pieces would you wear?

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