Lingerie Tips for Women Over 50

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Lingerie is timeless, right? That's not always evident when I'm shopping for intimate apparel. Racks of push ups, molded cups, and skimpy thongs target the tighter skinned 20 to 30-year-old woman.

These styles don't appeal to me. As my shape shifts with age, so does my definition of what I find attractive, sensual, and alluring. I'm not interested in propping up my breasts under youthful trendy fashions. I know myself, what I like to wear, and what looks best on me.

But I haven't outgrown my passion for life. I lust for high-quality fabrics, original designs, and intricate details. And I'm more discriminating. I have no time for superficial friendships. I'm satisfied by fewer, more meaningful relationships. This seasoned outlook also applies to how I fulfill my lingerie needs.

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Here are my life and lingerie tips for women over 50:

1) Embrace change. One out of five women will need a bigger bra size after menopause. Mature breasts also lose upper volume, making them less fluffy and round on top. Skin elasticity diminishes and larger, less dense, breasts are heavier. And those are all great reasons for reinventing and replenishing your lingerie wardrobe.

Invest in well-structured bras that support these changes. But don't assume you have to settle for less beauty or sex appeal. You can choose from three-part cut and sewn bras, or those with side panels that help bring boobs front and center. Cups made with stretch lace fabrics cradle your new curves. Wider straps won't dig into shoulders but frame breasts with extra feminine detail.

Prima Donna Deauville

Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra
Image via Bare Necessities

2) Be true to yourself. Push ups and padded contour bras can often add an extra burden to the busts of women over 50. Less full breasts fall to the bottom of cups and leave an empty, unfilled space. Softer skin that spills up and over bra cups create wrinkled cleavage. A bra that both lifts and separates stops "creasage." Be sure to swoop all your boob flesh from the sides into each cup. The result? Sexy décolletage that is no illusion.

Panache Clara

Panache Clara Full Cup Lace Bra
Image via Bravissimo

3) Look at the big picture. It's not just about bra size, fit, and style. You have to take panties into consideration. Does a cut-out hole in the back of your briefs enhance your derrière? Thongs were my favorite panty style in my 30s and 40s, but I've learned to love higher waists and tangas. More coverage can still be sensual and alluring. So before you buy any bra, make sure you're pleased with the view from behind.


Simone Perele Demi Plunge Bra and Tanga Pant
Image via Neiman Marcus

4) Keep on learning. Don't be afraid to explore new lingerie territory. There's a brave new world of sexy shapewear and fabrics that bring out the best in any figure. Tummy control, lace detailing, and smart pleated mesh -- rather than tight elastic -- are all found in this incredible Simone Perele Bodysuit.

lingerie for women over 50

Simone Perele Revelation Bodysuit
Image via Neiman Marcus

5) Know you are a gift. So why not wrap yourself up in luxury? Splurge on what pampers your senses yet softly covers any well-earned body flaws. This exquisite Fleur of England Kimono is made with hand-cut and appliquéd French eyelash lace over silk and satin. In a word? You'll look and feel stunning. 

PAAAAAOKHCLCFMMB-TRUFFLEFleur of England Truffle Kimono
Image via Nancy Meyer

I may be getting older, but I know I'm getting better. Better at figuring out what I want from life, work, love, and my lingerie (but not necessarily in that order). When it comes to my well-being, I'm not willing to settle for less. Don't all women over 50 deserve the very best?

What do you think of lingerie for older women? Do you have a bra brand or style you recommend? Is the lingerie industry doing enough to meet our more mature needs?



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