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Bra Reviews: Lingerie Blogs to Follow

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

The number of blogs featuring lingerie and bra reviews has multiplied over the past few years.

They're all different, too. Some post simple phone selfies while others stage intricate professional photo shoots. They can be found on individual or lingerie retailer websites, and on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. They're all over the place.

So why should you follow any of them?

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Here are a few reasons:

1. You'll learn more about new and existing intimate apparel brands.  I've followed several bloggers for years and had a richer lingerie drawer to show for it. They've turned me on to new brands, buying outlets, and designers. Most attend intimate apparel trade shows, receive industry press releases and lookbooks, or research what's available in their sizes. You get a sneak peek at what's in store each season.

2. If you find a blogger that wears a similar or perhaps hard-to-find bra size, you've scored your personal lingerie shopper. Thorough bra reviews give you an edge before purchasing. No more wondering about quality and fit, and where to buy. All you have to do is decide which styles or brands you like best.

3. You'll expose yourself to the diversity of body and boob types. You won't find such differences in traditional lingerie industry advertising. Independent lingerie blogs do a better job of representing a broader range of body and boob types. And they reflect today's international lingerie market since they're located all over the world.

4. Every blogger has a unique point of view. They all have distinct fashion tastes, from retro and vintage, to edgy or androgynous. Their writing can be humorous, pointed, political, or matter-of-fact. Some have gone through the boob changes of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or cosmetic surgery. They might identify as straight, queer, or non-binary. The only thing they have in common is their youth. It seem like most, but not all, are under the age of 30.

Given all the options, it can be a challenge to figure out who to follow. You might stumble on someone in your feed or ask friends for recommendations. Another great resource is this list of lingerie bloggers from UK retailer Esty Lingerie (don't miss their bra reviews here).

To get you started, here are 17 (yes, I got carried away) blogs posting bra reviews, listed in alphabetical order. Let me know which ones interest you, or add your favorites in the comments below.

An Enhanced Experience. As the name implies, these reviews are from eight women with breast augmentations. Their ages, sizes, and life experiences are all different, though.

A Sophisticated Pair.  Terrific full bust lingerie retailer that reviews and explains bra styles, and also provides helpful comparisons between brands.

A Tale of Two Boobs. One of several full cup bloggers reviewing swim and clothing, as well as lingerie.


Bluebella More Aura Cage Bra Review
via A Tale of Two Boobs

Big Cup Little Cup. The playful, genuine friendship between these two differently sized UK bloggers makes this blog infectious. And, yes, they review swimwear!

bra reviews

Wellfitting Liftsational Longline Demi Review
via Big Cup Little Cup

Bras and Body Image.  Another full-bust UK blogger, focusing on feminism and body positivity and highlighting many European brands.

bra reviews

Ewa Michalak Bra Review
via Bras and Body Image

Comics Girls Need Bras.  This Canadian-based lingerie blogger writes about her love of comics and bra fashions.

bra reviews

Cleo by Panache Longline Bra Review
via Comics Girls Need Bras

Kurvendiskussionen. An Austrian lingerie fan shares her insights on small and petite brands and indie designers.

bra reviews

Angela Friedman Fairytales Review
via Kurvendiskussionen

Lingerie Detective.  Another Canadian lingerie lover with a welcome non-bra fit expert perspective.

bra reviews

Playful Promises Lucy Bra Review
via Lingerie Detective

Morning Madonna. Representing Scotland, this blog showcases edgier pieces from independent designers to fit the petite busted.

bra reviews

William Wilde Latex Review
via Morning Madonna

The Daily Knicker. It's clear that professional Australian fashion model Tiah Eckhardt loves lingerie, but she also writes a deliciously witty, wicked, and fun blog. You'll quickly get addicted to her gorgeous images.

bra reviews
Fairytales by Angela Friedman Bra and Knicker Review
via The Daily Knicker

The Full Figured Chest. Many of you who read this blog are familiar with Holly Jackson and her articles on The Breast Life. You'll find plenty of great lingerie and full bust clothing reviews on her site, and well as in the archives of The Lingerie Addict.

bra reviews

Buttress & Snatch Antoinette Bra and Knicker Review
via The Full Figured Chest

The Lingerie Addict. One of the oldest and most comprehensive fashion lingerie blogs. You'll find a rotating staff of writers reviewing multiple brands, from both mainstream and independent designers.

bra reviews

Playful Promises Curve Review
via The Lingerie Addict

The Petite Collegiate.  This university student uses her free time to review interesting indie brands.

bra reviews

Edge O' Beyond Esme Review
via Petite Collegiate

Rolls and Curves. This plus size blogger shares the technical aspect of lingerie, including hacks and fixes on styles that don't quite fit her body and boobs.

bra reviews

Elila Stretch Lace Babydoll Review
via Rolls and Curves 

Sweet Nothings. What can I say about a blogger who managed to talk me into participating in a lingerie photoshoot (at the ripe old age of 59)? Sweet Nothings' lovely reviews come with a side of joy and a reverence for the art of design.

bra reviews

All Undone Ariel Bra, Brief, and Suspender Review
via Sweet Nothings

Two Cakes on a Plate.  This retro-inspired blogger also covers swim and full bust clothing and includes guest posts from others.

bra reviews

Signature by After Eden Bra Review
via Two Cakes on a Plate

Write Me Bad Checks. Recently discovered this blogger and found her bra reviews both interesting and insightful. And her lingerie blog roll gives you, even more, options of whom to follow!

bra reviews

Agent Provocateur Rudy Bra, Brief, and Suspender Review
via Write Me Bad Checks

Do you follow lingerie blogs? Do you find their bra reviews helpful? Why or why not?

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