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Lingerie as Outerwear Styling to Enjoy All Summer

  |   By Wen CGNB

Lingerie as outerwear has been an ongoing trend for some time now. While celebrities can casually wear an iconic bra and a pair of pants, most people tend to be a bit more modest about their look. In this article, I give you realistic advice on lingerie as outerwear styling to get you started on this beautiful fashion journey.

The camisole is the new shirt.

lingerie as outerwear styling

Fleur of England Desert Rose Silk Chemise
Photo: Daynis Zed

Summer calls for light and breathable fabrics. It's easy to wear cotton camisoles with shorts to get around the city or at the beach. But a silk one can take your outfit to a higher level, and your skin will be happy. You can also use slips or babydolls depending on the rest of your outfit.

For a smooth result, the right bra can help. For fuller busts, I would recommend the Curvy Kate Luxe or the Fantasie Smoothing. If you prefer an even more discreet look, go for unpadded strapless bras, such as the Adina Reay Strapless or the PrimaDonna Satin.

Forget about cardigans, go for robes.

lingerie as outerwear styling
Photo: Fashion Edit

Don't get me wrong; I love cardigans. But why not take advantage of the beautiful weather to go for loose-fitting garments? It's an occasion to show off some of your opulent pieces in a laid back setting. To tone down your outfit, make sure to coordinate with more basic pieces. That said, you can also go full out and look like a lingerie empress everywhere you go. In either case, you only want to feel comfortable and stylish.


lingerie as outerwear styling

Bordelle Orbit Bra
Photo: Daynis Zed

Honestly, it is complicated for full-busted women to go out in an entirely sheer top, exposing their bras. If you aren't going to a music festival, you can say goodbye to the idea of discretion. Now, do we want to be discreet when doing lingerie as outerwear? Not necessarily. It's a fashion statement. But you still need to be comfortable enough to expose this part of your body. I know I am not. My solution is going for clothing that is close to my skin tone, and layer with a halter neck or harness bra. It's a way to show off your best pieces without feeling naked.

If you're shy, accessorize.

corset belt

Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Belt
Photo: @comicsgirlsneedbras

For those of you who aren't ready yet to show bras and slip in bright daylight, lingerie accessories can be an initial step. There are a lot of leather, faux leather or lace accessories such are garters, waist-cinchers, or even chokers that can complement a simple outfit. Take a look at Bijoux Indiscrets for an excellent selection of faux leather lingerie accessories!

Lingerie inspired clothing.

lingerie dress

Evgenia Rebelle Dress
Photo: @Blxckdreadshot

Lingerie is becoming more and more mainstream. Garments that would be thought of as loungewear a few years ago are now perfectly suitable to wear outside the house. Moreover, brands are coming up with very versatile dresses and pants made of lace and other beautiful fabrics. It's one of the easiest ways to put that lingerie touch into your everyday fashion. Look for lace and satin garments, but also velvet, when Fall gets closer.

Summer is here for a couple more months. It's the perfect time to express ourselves creatively before the weather gets colder! Be yourself, and don't be scared to experiment!

It's you're already a fan of lingerie as outerwear styling, please share your favorite looks in the comments below.

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