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Lessons In Tassel Twirling

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Ever thought about putting on a pair of pasties and giving tassel twirling a try? I never had, until I started writing my book.

I knew burlesque theater was coming back in vogue. What I didn't know is that Seattle (where I lived at the time) is home to Miss Indigo Blue and her Academy of Burlesque. Miss Indigo offers a two-hour tassel twirling class as part of her burle-Q arts curriculum. And that’s where I found myself in 2006, taking my own "girls" out for a spin.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, a group of 20 strangers arrived at Miss Indigo’s studio. We were asked to pick out pasties, if we hadn’t brought our own. I was pleased to discover that pasties are made in more than one size to accommodate a variety of nipples. Then we sat down to learn: first how to identify a quality tassel (signs it's well constructed), which adhesives work best, how to place pasties to both enhance and detract from personal flaws, and how to take them off. Finally, we were shown how to spin 'em.

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My first pasties

Standing in a room full of mirrors, I wondered if I’d be the only one to flunk the class. I’m not physically coordinated or athletic; I wasn’t sure my girls were the proper size or had the lift to do the job.

But I found that there’s more than one way to twirl a tassel. You can shimmy, shake, bounce on your toes, or grab your breast and twirl your own flesh. It wasn’t much of a challenge to get my tassels moving in opposite directions, although it took concentration and control to keep up the momentum. And with my nipples covered in pretty pasties, I didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed of my bra- free breasts.

tassel twirlingGothfox Glam Rock Pasties

Some of us started to giggle, and then the whole room filled with laughter. We applauded those who mastered a specific move and encouraged others who were still trying. There was no competition, but only joy in a shared learning experience.

By the end of class I was sticky with sweat and spirit gum. (Who knew tassel twirling could be so aerobic?) One woman told me she had to rush home to nurse her 4-month old. Another was celebrating a birthday by taking the class with friends. We were all in awe of the professionals who make it look so easy.

What did I get out of it? A renewed sense of pride in my boobs. I realized I had spent most of my life keeping my breasts contained and restrained, only exposing them to lovers or to feed a nursing child. Tassel twirling may be silly, but I was proud of what my body could do. It felt liberating and, yes, even empowering.

If you want to learn more about tassel twirling, look for classes in your area or check out educational videos on the web. And don't miss the fashionable, self-sticking tassels (no messy glue to remove) in The Breast Life Store.

tassel twirlingBristols Six Black Leather Gold Chain Tassels

Would you ever try tassel twirling? If you've done it, would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

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