How to Store Bras? Four Simple Bra Storage Rules

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

How do you store your bras? For years, my idea of bra storage was to fold my bras in half and toss them into the top drawer of my bedroom dresser.

Every few months I’d pull it open and find a mess of straps, cups, and panties. Like my lingerie had a wild party behind my back. And I didn’t need a bra specialist to tell me that it wasn’t good to give hooks enough freedom to let them snag another bra’s delicate lace.

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With today’s greater variety of bra styles, my bras don’t even fit neatly into the same old storage space. I own dozens of different shapes and sizes, from strapless, longline, demi-cups, molded, to sports bras. I tried the little storage trays from the organizing store, but they were too deep to use in the shallow drawers of my pine dresser.  Besides, you shouldn't store all bra styles the same way. My dilemma: how to find one bra storage system that works for many different kinds of bras.

Thanks to one creative blogger, I discovered a way to keep my bras in their best shape and save on storage space. Artsy Architette came up with this clever DIY hanging bra organizer. You can learn more about how to put one together here. Not feeling very handy? Other products make it easy to hang lightweight lingerie, without taking up a lot of closet space.

Artsy Architette DIY Hanging Bra Organizer

Artsy Architette DIY Hanging Bra Organizer

Here are four bra storage tips to help lengthen the life of your lingerie:

1. Secure: Hook up any loose hardware to avoid damaging delicate fabrics.

2. Separate: Divide up your most from least used so you can find what you need for everyday wear.

3. Sort: You can fold lacy and soft cup bras in half, with straps tucked inside. T-Shirt, molded, and padded cups must be “stacked” or hung. Otherwise, dents and bends damage them.

4. Scent: Tie a few lavender sachets to your hanger or stash some yummy smelling soap in your lingerie drawer.

What's your bra storage system? Any tips you’d like to add? Please share in the comments!

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