Guest Blog: Behind the Scenes with a Boudoir Photographer

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

This week's guest blog post is from a woman who has something to get off her chest: how women view their breasts.

Professional photographer Sheryl Warwick of Warwick Boudoir Photography has been exposed to more than just one pair and she wants you to know what happens when you bare it all for the camera.

I've probably seen more breasts in a week than a plastic surgeon or Playboy editor.  My job requires that I make breasts look great, in pictures that is. I run a boutique photography service for women in the growing popularity of boudoir photography.

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My style is my own, but the overall feel of boudoir photography is light years beyond the glamour shots of the 80’s. I’m proud to say that my business does well and I think a lot of it is that I help women find a little inner beauty.


Every gal needs a little pick me up from now and then. We like it when our spouses or partners compliment our outfits and let us know we look good in a particular pair of jeans. This is what I do but on a much grander scale. I make women look and feel better about themselves and give them the resources to keep up the habit. When my makeup artist starts applying the first shades of eyeliner she talks and coaches them through the process and ask the clients about her concerns or fears. Too many women hate their nose, their stretch marks, and how their breasts are shaped or sized. Part of this process is to listen and then comfort women so they know they are not alone in their insecurities.  Our goal is to have them embrace who they are and leave beaming about how they looked and felt in their session and take that new found confidence out in to the world.

It feels great to hear back from women a week or so after they get their pictures and hear their partner’s reactions and how they have carried their head a little higher that week. It’s like giving away Oprah makeovers but for a job. It’s a reciprocal praise train that keeps chugging along. I tell them they look good and show them how to enhance the beauty they already have. This snowballs when they show off their photos and retell their experience to their friends. This lets me keep my makeover train steaming down the tracks, and it feels great doing what I do. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than making women feel how beautiful they already are.

If you look at the before and after pictures on my website you can see how I photograph everyday women that can be in the office right next to you. They then transform into the girl on the cover of a magazine. It would be impossible to keep that level of makeup and attitude going all the time. But I make sure they leave with the feeling of a super model on the inside that last years even though makeup only lasts a day.

One thing I always preach is that of women’s body perspectives and their varied opinions of their breasts. The number one thing that may surprise you is that women who might be considered a “10” are just as self-conscious about their breasts as you and I. Next time you think you want bigger or rounder, or if you could just look like Becky, that you might feel contentment. Know that it is not true because Becky is probably saying the same thing about Samantha and Samantha might be saying she wants to look like Alison.

So be proud of what you have and know that inner beauty will always outshine outer beauty. Confidence is sexy!

rsz_1warwick_boudoir-3More about Sheryl Warwick and Warwick Boudoir Photography: I have been a photographer for a long time. Like most, I shot weddings and engagements and I really loved what I did. I had a friend of mine ask if I would do a boudoir session as a present for her husband. I just loved her reaction to the pictures..."THAT'S ME!?!?” Her confidence went sky high and she was so proud of how she looked. I wanted every woman to feel beautiful like she did. As women I think we often put ourselves last. We naturally put our family, jobs, responsibilities in the forefront which means there isn't much time for that "me" time we all deserve. I chose this niche because I want to make every woman feel and exude confidence and beauty.

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