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11 Coats To Keep Your Curves Warm this Winter

  |   By Holly Jackson

I realize in some ways that writing an article about coats for curves probably feels a bit hypocritical, considering it’s still 85 degrees where I live. 

If you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere warm though, you’re probably checking out all those lovely coats online. Temperatures have dropped on the east coast and lots of other places, which means it’s time to talk about winter coats that won’t squash your boobs.

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Fitted Denim Jacket by Torrid:


Fitted Denim Jacket
Available in Sizes 00 - 6
via Torrid

We’re starting off light with something I own and wear pretty much non-stop. If you are curvy, stretch denim is the best invention ever. Unfortunately, it can also feel kind of light and flimsy. This jacket feels high quality and substantial, all while having just enough stretch to mold to your figure.

Kirsten Coat by Miriam Baker:


Kyrsten Coat
Available in Sizes XXS - XL
via Miriam Baker

I don’t see Miriam Baker talked about much, but this luxury brand for full busted women is gorgeous. Pricing matches the quality of the pieces, but coats are one of those items that it makes sense to splurge on since they last for ages. The draping on this piece is exquisite.

Fit & Flare Coat by Catherine by Catherine Malandrino:


Fit & Flare Coast by Catherine Malandrino
Available in Sixes S - XL
via Nordstrom

When I lived in areas that had winter, I always found myself obsessing about coats that buttoned up correctly. What I've learned now that I’m older is that coats don’t have to close with a ton of tiny little buttons. And if you’re curvy, that’s a good thing. This one closes loosely with a tie, which lets it fit curvy bodies without ruining the classic silhouette.

JDY Long Trench Coat at ASOS:


JDY Long Trench Coat
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via ASOS

I love the look of trench coats, but all those buttons can be tough when you are full-busted. This piece is part trench coat and part waterfall cardigan but would fit curves well and give you that same classic shape.

Lightweight Padded Jacket by Bravissimo Clothing:


Lightweight Padded Jacket
Available in Sizes 4 - 14 (Curvy to Super Curvy)
via Bravissimo

Puffy jackets can make you look like a marshmallow if you’re curvy, so pick one up from a full-bust clothing company to ensure it’s flattering. This core piece from Bravissimo (formerly Pepperberry) is the perfect coat to wear all winter.

Trench Coat by Bravissimo Clothing:

coats for curves

Trench Coat
Available in Sizes 4 - 14 (Curvy to Super Curvy)
via Bravissimo

If you do want a traditional double-breasted trench coat, Bravissimo does offer them! I love this classic look, especially in navy blue as an alternative to black.

Biker Midnight Blu Leather Jacket at Saint Bustier:


Biker Midnight Blu Leather Jacket
Available in Sizes UK 8 - 16
via Saint Bustier

I love the look of bomber style or biker style jackets, but they never work with curves. Luckily, Saint Bustier has come to the rescue with this biker jacket that works with boobs without sacrificing any original styling. It comes in black as well if that’s more to your liking.

The Parks Coat by Mm. Lafleur:

coats for curves

Parks Coat - Smoke Stripe
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via Mm. Lafleur

One of the perks of being a writer who mostly works from home is that I’m not expected to wear traditional office wear anywhere. If you are though, coats can be tough to find. This coat is right on trend but also professional enough for any office environment.

Beas Coat by Universal Standard:

coats for curves

Beas Coat
Available in Sizes XS - XL 
via Universal Standard

I love Universal Standard’s modern chic aesthetic, and they’re extremely curve-friendly. This coat is a great alternative to a classic peacoat, so you don’t have to sacrifice your curves for a basic black wool coat.

Hail Satin Jacket from Tuesday Bassen: 

coats for curves

Hail Satin Jacket
Available in Sizes XS - XXXL
via Tuesday Bassen

This super comfortable cropped jacket is retro and fitted to work with curves. It's the grownup version of the jacket from Grease!

The Leather Jacket from Jeff Cafone:

coats for curves

The Leather Jacket
Available in Sizes 12/14 - 28/30
via Jeff Cafone

Jeff Cafone jackets come in both real leather and high-quality vegan leather so that you can take your pick. All of the jackets are made to fit plus-size proportions and are truly luxurious---hence the price tag to match. 

Do you have problems finding fashionable coats or jackets to fit your bust? Which of these styles would you wear?

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