Full Figure and Full Bust Bodysuits? Yes, Please.

Full Figure and Full Bust Bodysuits? Yes, Please.

  |   By Holly Jackson

Bodysuits are trendy, simple to wear and easy to find---unless you’re full busted or full figured.

Like rompers, bodysuits seem like a great wardrobe solution but can turn into a nightmare if you can’t find the right one. Frequently regular bodysuits are too short and uncomfortable if your breasts take up more space than allotted, or just become skin-tight once on. So it's great to see more choices in full bust bodysuits.

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Today I’m featuring lots of great finds for full busts and full figures, so you too can get in on this trend that is both functional and fashionable.

Bridget Body in Black by Kriss Soonik:

full bust bodysuits

Bridget Body
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via Kriss Soonik

There are lots of different types of bodysuits, but the best ones work as shirts as well as underwear. This basic black version by Kriss Soonik has lovely lace details and looks great with jeans and skirts.

Elektra Plunge Neck Bodysuit by Sonata Rapalyte:

full bust bodysuits

Elektra Plunge Neck Bodysuit
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via Sonata Rapalyte

If you want to substitute a bodysuit for a fancy blouse, Sonata Rapalyte has plenty of options. Their custom size pieces have been popular with bloggers online, and they layer well with a bra or over a tank top in a complementing color.

Tuxedo Bodysuit by Scantilly by Curvy Kate:

full bust bodysuits

Scantilly Tuxedo Bodysuit
Available in S/M/L
via BraStop

I wasn’t all that excited about Scantilly until I saw their pieces in a local shop. Now, I love them. The quality is a big step up from Curvy Kate, and their pieces are both sexy and unique in the full-bust lingerie world. This tuxedo bodysuit can be paired with the matching lingerie set or worn by itself if you want to feel extremely risqué.

All Tied Up Body by Pour Moi:

full bust bodysuits

Contradiction by Pour Moi
All Tied Up Body
Available in Sizes 10 - 18
via Figleaves

While companies like Panache and Elomi get covered season after season, Pour Moi has been quietly working away making pretty full-bust bras season after season. They’re available on Figleaves and Brastop, but never seem to get much attention. Luckily, they’ve turned their attention to bondage-inspired full bust bodysuits recently! This one is beautiful, affordable and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Delta Body by MORE by Bluebella:

full bust bodysuits

Delta Body
MORE by Bluebella
Available in Bands 32-38, Cups DD-F
via Figleaves

Bluebella has been working on full-bust pieces for several seasons now, and I really like this new black bodysuit! It’s nice to see the brand moving beyond bras and panties. I’m excited to see what their future will hold if this is the direction that they’re going in.

Gypsy Non-Padded Body by Gossard:

full bust bodysuits

Gossard Gypsy Non-Padded Body by Gossard
Available in Bands 30-36, Cups B-E
via Figleaves

This non-padded underwired bodysuit has beautiful details but is still basic enough to work with anything. It would look great under a suit jacket for a night out, or by itself for staying in.

Flapper Bodysuit by Black Milk:

full bust bodysuits

Flapper Bodysuit
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via Black Milk

Black Milk is the original bodysuit expert and now has a worldwide cult following. If you’re full-busted, but in the core size range, their bodysuits work well. I love this scalloped lace version, but they have lots of pop culture influenced ones as well.

Rose Noir Latex Nouveau Bodysuit by Kiss Me Deadly and Rose Noir Designs:

full bust bodysuits

Rose Noir Latex Nouveau Bodysuit
Made to Measure
via Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly has released a made to measure latex line that includes a great bodysuit. They say that these offer support in the G+ cup range, which would make them the first latex range to include full-bust and plus-sizes. If you want to splurge on something unique and fashion-forward (latex dresses have been all over red carpets lately) this is a line to check out.

Lace Up Front Lace Bodysuit by Torrid:

full bust bodysuits

Lace Up Front Lace Bodysuit
Available in Sizes 0 - 5
via Torrid

This coral lace bodysuit could be adorable worn under a dress with the lace up front exposed or by itself. The color is perfect for summer, which makes it the perfect budget piece with which to experiment.

New Look Plus Embroidered Body at ASOS:

full bust bodysuits

New Look Plus Embroidered Body
Available in Sizes 14 - 22
via ASOS

Florals are everywhere when it comes to plus-size lingerie, but I do like this unexpected combination of plunging black bodysuit and floral panels. It’s pretty enough to be worn as a top with shorts but also great as a statement piece of lingerie.

Laurie Lace Plunge Long Sleeve Body by ASOS CURVE:

full bust bodysuits

Laurie Lace Plunge Long Sleeve Body
Available in Sizes 14 - 26

I’m a sucker for red lingerie, but I like this bodysuit for more than it’s color. The cut is classic and easy to wear as both lingerie and outerwear, and the sleeves give you lots of coverage. If you want to wear it out, you can layer it over a bra or contrasting tank.

Ultimo Cassiopiea Fuller Bust Body at ASOS:

full bust bodysuits

Ultimo Casssiopiea Fuller Bust Body
Available in Bands 32-36, Cups DD/E - I
via ASOS

This sleek bodysuit provides lots of coverage and creates a nice contrast with the lace used. The wine/black color combination is classic and not overdone. It would work under pretty much anything but would also look great under a dress or suit jacket for a more fun look.

What do you think of these full figure and full bust bodysuits? Which ones would you wear?

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