13 Full-Bust and Plus-Size Bras to Show Off This Season

  |   By Holly Jackson

While I appreciate a great t-shirt bra as much as the next person, my true love is flashy and sparkly bras with real personality. Luckily with layering season coming up and lingerie-inspired fashion still trending, brands have also gotten on board. They're producing a range of great options for full-busted and full-figured women. These full-bust and plus-size bras are meant for layering, showing off, and getting ready for party season.

Today I'm sharing some of this season's most colorful and exciting full-bust and plus-size bra sets. If you have others you'd add to list, share them in the comments below.

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Gabi Fresh Kayla Metallic Leatherette Bra in Midnight Blue B - H 

full-bust and plus-size

Gabi Fresh Kayla Metallic Bra
Fits Bands 36-44, Cups B-HH
via Playful Promises

Metallics are trendy right now, but this leatherette take on the trend is both fun and different. It’s a look you rarely see in larger cup sizes, so I appreciate Playful Promises including this in their Gabi Fresh line this season. This bra would look great when layered under a sheer shirt.

Wild Zebra Bra by Freya

full-bust and plus-size

Freya Wild Plunge Bra
Fits Bands 28-38, UK Cups DD-HH
via Bravissimo

Animal print is a significant trend for autumn this year, but this Wild Zebra Bra is a less intense way to wear it. If you want to dip your toes in the animal print pool this year, then this Freya bra is a good option.

Roxanne Black Plunge Bra by Elomi

full-bust and plus-size

Elomi Roxanne Plunge Bra
Fits Bands 34-46, Cups DD-JJ
via Bare Necessities

This bra doesn’t photograph as particularly exciting, but photos coming out of the shows made it look like something special. The cup is made of tulle and features an insanely shiny embroidery that is reported to mimic patent leather. It’s incredibly fashionable and fun. If you want to see more pictures of the effect in person, check out this Hourglassy post.

Baboushka Jungle Balcony Bra by Prima Donna

embroidered bras

Prima Donna Baboushka Jungle
Fits Bands 30-44, Cups C-G
via Prima Donna

I love the on-trend green color of this bra, as well as the shiny embroidery and sparkly crystal details. It’s perfect for showing off this holiday season—and since it’s Prima Donna, it is guaranteed to offer fabulous support.

Bree Leopard Print Side Support Full Cup Bra B - G by Figleaves

leopard print

Bree Leopard Print Full Cup Bra
Fits Bands 32-38, Cups B-G
via Figleaves

Sweet Nothings NYC did a feature on the chemise in this line, and it looks gorgeous!  I love that Figleaves is continuing to make exciting designs as part of its full-bust line. I like this unique take on an animal print that is slightly less orange than the typical offerings.

Matilda Unicorn Plunge Bra by Elomi

Matilda Unicorn Plunge Convertible Bra
Fits Bands 32-46, Cups DD-JJ
via Bare Necessities

This Elomi bra features sparkly embroidery that mimics a metallic effect. The Matilda is incredibly popular as a silhouette, so I suspect this is going to be a must-buy for a lot of people.

Juliette Hazel DD - G Bra by Harlow & Fox 

Juliette DD+ Bra
Fits Bands 30-38, UK Cups DD-G
via Harlow & Fox

This gold silk full-bust bra is perfect for the holiday season! The peacock inspired embroidery turns this from a luxurious silk bra into art.

Victory Balcony Bra in Black/Silver by Curvy Kate

full-bust and plus-size

Curvy Kate Victory X Black/Silver Balcony Bra
Fits Bands 30-44, Cups D-K
via Curvy Kate

Lots of sparkly bras read as overtly feminine, so I wanted to make sure to include one that was a little more minimalistic. The Victory Bra has been popular in terms of support and with people who hate tiny bows and other details on their lingerie. This bra is sleek and trendy.

Kayla Banded Underwired Bra by Goddess

Goddess Kayla Banded Underwire Bra in Black
Fits Bands 38-44, Cups J-L
via Figleaves

Goddess has been hitting it out of the park with their prints over the past few seasons, so it’s not a surprise that this season’s version of the Kayla is also stunning. This print would be perfect for layering under more sheer options, like robes.

Callista DD - G Cup Bra by Harlow & Fox

full-bust and plus-size

Callista DD-G Cup Bra
Fits Bands 30-38, UK Cups DD-G
via Harlow & Fox

This bra is a gold-covered chocolate bar come to life, and I am here for it! The details are simply incredible. This design is a once in a lifetime set that would make a perfect holiday gift as well as the ideal piece to show off under a black gown for formal events.

Eugenie Gilded Berry Plunge Bra by Elomi

full-bust and plus-size

Eugenie Gilded Berry Plunge Bra
Fits Bands 32-46, Cups DD-JJ
via Elomi

Another great offering from Elomi this season, this time with embroidery that is reported to read as pewter in person. Based on the popular Sachi style, this bra is meant to be shown off under low necklines.

Goddess Bra by Buttress & Snatch

Goddess Bra
Fits Bands 28-44, Cups C-H
via Buttress & Snatch

This vintage-inspired bra is perfect for those of you who like to sparkle! I love the idea of this bra for party season, the holidays, and beyond. Buttress & Snatch makes everything by hand in their London studio.

Eleanor Embroidery Bra DD - H by Playful Promises

Eleanor Embroidered Fuller Bust Bra
Fits Bands 30-38, Cups DD-H
via Playful Promises

While this embroidery doesn’t sparkle, it’s intricate and worthy of being shown off. I love that Playful Promises is offering looks that are common in small cup sizes to large cup customers without any sense of design dilution.


Which of these full-bust and plus-size bra sets would you buy? How would you wear them?

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