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Fleur of England Luxury Lingerie

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

I've been smitten with UK's luxury lingerie brand Fleur of England for some time.

But I didn't have the chance to get an up-close and personal look at their collections until last year's CURVExpo Lingerie and Swim Show.  There I had the chance to meet the founder and inspiration behind the line, Fleur Turner.

Each season, Fleur goes to great lengths to settle on just the right color for each collection. The obvious shade for the Amour line doesn't mean it will be available every Valentine's Day. though. This deep red is unique. Fleur's meticulous attention to detail is evidenced in how she decides on a specific shade. She's been known to bring a potential dye lot home to refine it on her kitchen stove, all in an effort to get it "just right."

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The luscious and intense red of Amour may have you fall in love with this luxury lingerie brand. But you'll also be taken with Fleur's use of rich and sensuous silks and satins, exquisite hand cut lace, and delicate, feminine designs. Check out the cut-outs and satin bow-ties of the Boudoir Bra and Briefs. Or the gorgeous lace panels on the silk Kimono.

Whether you're looking for a very special and beautiful bra, babydoll, or robe, the Fleur of England luxury lingerie Amour collection has something for everyone.

fleur of england
Fleur of EnglandAmour Boudoir Bra and Bow-Tie Brief
via Fleur of England
Fleur of EnglandAmour Balcony Bra, Suspender, and Thong
via Fleur of England Fleur of EnglandAmour Silk Babydoll
via Fleur of England Fleur of England Amour silk kimonoAmour Silk Kimono with Plunge Bra and Brief
via Fleur of England

Quality luxury lingerie pieces are a special treat for me. But they also hold up for years and never go out of style. They're more like works of art that indulge all of your senses. The investment you make in dollars definitely pays off.

If you're in the mood to spoil yourself or a lover this year, make sure to take advantage of free standard delivery from Fleur of England. Just use promo code LANGUAGEOFLOVE at checkout.

Do you buy luxury lingerie? Which pieces in the Fleur of England luxury lingerie Amour collection would you wear? Which do you like best?

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