Fashionable Sports Bras, from Yoga to Running

  |   By Laurie Shapiro

It doesn't matter if you're an A cup or a H cup, whether you do an occasional yoga class or are serious about sports, your breasts need proper support. Well designed, fashionable sports bras will improve your motivation and your workout. Because looking good and feeling fabulous make working out much more enjoyable!

Sports bras aren't just for serious athletes. Yet most women don't bother with proper support, either not wearing a sports bras or wearing poorly fitting ones. Unsupported breasts have serious bounce, with A cups moving 1.5" in each direction and D cups 2-3". This can cause pain and keep you from maximizing your performance. A good sports bra will cut this movement in half!

Just like with your regular everyday bra, proper fit is important even for smaller breasted women. The most common fit mistake is buying a sports bra with a smaller cup and larger band. If possible, get fitted by a certified bra fitter. Some sports bra manufacturers, like Moving Comfort, also offer sizing guidelines to help you get your best fit.

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Unless you're small busted and are doing low impact exercises, you'll want to avoid compression styles. These create stability by pressing down against the chest wall and cause the dreaded uni-boob. Instead, look for encapsulation styles where there are individual cups. Cups should hold the whole breast! Spillage means you need to go up a cup size. The band should fit snugly to the body without riding up when reaching above your head. If you can pull the band more than 1" away from the body, you need to go down a size.

Whether you're an avid runner or devotee of yoga, these fashionable sports bras will support you in style:

Yoga and Pilates

With Yoga and Pilates, flexibility and range of motion are more important than motion control. You can get away with compression styling since there is little to no impact. This super stylish sports bra has encapsulation styling with contour cups to give shape (no uni-boob here!). The stretch band moves with you through those plank series. Adjustable straps can be worn traditional or racerback and look striking when worn alone through sweaty Bikram sessions!

Fashionable Sports BrasMoving Comfort FineForm Sports Bra
via Moving Comfort

Power Walking and Hiking

When you want to focus on nature, not on jiggling boobs, look for a cotton blend bra that provides both support and breathability. This sports bra combines encapsulation for separating the breasts and compression to give support. The underwire cups have an inner sling for additional lift, with additional side panels for great shape under thin workout tops or t-shirts.

Fashionable Sports BraNatori Underwire Sports Bra
Via HerRoom


A good spinning class means you're doing more than sitting down. This supportive sports bra will see you through every tough climb. Breathable, stretch microfiber keeps you cool even through your sweatiest workouts and is double lined for firm support. This underwire style lifts and separates without compression, while an adjustable U-shaped inner sling provides superior motion control.

Fashionable Sports Bra Freya Undewire Sports Bra
via Bare Necessities

Tennis and Raquetball

You'll want a supportive bra that is as stylish as that cute skirt you're sporting. The three part wireless molded cups of this sport bra provide great support even through non-stop side-to-side motion. A double layer of moisture wicking, breathable fabric provides support without compressing or chafing. Contrasting side panels in a net fabric give your breasts a great shape and visually accentuates your curves.

Fashionable Sports BrasAnita  Molded Sports Bra
via HerRoom


This sports bra will support you no matter how much you shimmy, salsa, or shake it through that high-energy Zumba class. Underwire molded cups are designed to eliminate bounce by up to 83%! Sides and back are lined with powermesh for back smoothing and additional support. Underwires are padded as are the wide adjustable straps so you can focus less on comfort and more on fun!

Fashionable Sports BrasPanache Full-Busted Sports Bra
Via HerRoom


It doesn't get much higher-impact than running! Wireless double-layer cups have inner sling and angled seaming for superior support. Adjustable straps are shaped and padded to comfortably stay on your shoulders without any sliding. Moisture-wicking, breathable, high-performance fabric go the distance to keep you cool and comfortable.

Fashionable Sports BrasShock Absorber Max Sports Bra
via HerRoom

Strength Training

Just because you're not jumping around doesn't mean you still don't need support! This lightweight sports bra is made of an eco-friendly, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and controls odor. Contour, wireless cups are seamless and have subtle padding for modesty under thin tops (or for wearing on its own!). Racerback styling gives you full range of motion through every pull-up, push-up, and bicep curl.

Fashionable Sports BrasMoving Comfort Juno Sports Bra
via HerRoom

What is your favorite way to work out? Do you wear a sports bra while you're exercising? Would you try any of these fashionable sports bras?

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